Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Unfortunate Situations That Made People Question Their Decisions

Whether bad luck or a poor choice, every once in a while we all deserve a “Fail of the Week” award. Although everyone reacts differently, nowadays it’s common to see people turn to social media to let out some steam. That means we get photos of all sorts of mistakes and mishaps, which we hope to avoid.

Now I’ve Seen Everything comes to you with a compilation of people who are living inside a drama.

1. “I think my dad regrets his decision to clean the gutters with a leaf blower.”

2. “This happened when I tried to leave my office.”

3. The handbook on how not to deliver a package

4. “My eyeliner was ON POINT this morning but then I sneezed.”

5. “My girlfriend spent hours making dinner, and the lid broke.”

6. “Had an air purifier running for over a year with the filter covered in plastic the whole time.”

7. “Someone broke my friend’s bass in half.”

8. “Bought fried chicken at the airport, then as I was boarding, the bag ripped from the bottom side.”

9. “I just finished drinking my cup of tea. I’m never leaving my tea to drink later on ever again.”

10. “My wife went to the store to buy some sneakers, came back home and saw 2 left shoes, different sizes.”

11. “Poured hot water in this brand new mug and the bottom fell off.”

12. “My wife said she had something crazy to show me after we ate lunch.”

13. “It’s almost $15 per meal for this at my college.”

14. “This just happened when I took my bananas out of a bag.”

15. “Rolled up right before the concert started.”

Has anything this annoying and frustrating happened to you? What was your initial reaction, and how did you cope with it?

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