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16 Times Confusing Pics Made Us Want to Check Our Eyesight

Vision is perhaps one of the most important tools we have as humans. Scientists say that those of us with healthy vision can see a burning candle from as far as about 1.6 miles away, which is very impressive. However, there are some situations when our visual perception is confused by an unclear image, and we have to look again and again at something right in front of us.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have prepared a compilation of pics for you to see if you can tell what’s going on from the first look.

1. “Had no idea my wife was part dog”

2. “This is a dried coffee puddle from last night, which looks like a fantasy map. Also looks like it’s lumpy or has elevation but it’s completely flat and smooth.”

3. “Bowling ball to the face!”

4. “Who left this metal pipe in the walk-in?”

5. Seemed normal at first...

6. “2-headed greyhound”

7. “My husband has really, really short legs.”

8. “Relax, take it easy.”

9. “My very flexible boyfriend”

10. “Woke up this morning and my wife asked, ’Where did the third fan blade go?’”

11. “The girlfriend asked me to take a pic of her playing with the cat, then this happened.”

12. “Just dobermans being dobermans...”

13. “Jaybird playing with his happy friend”

14. “I captured this photo 12 years ago. Even now, the photo looks fake to me.”

15. “2 lovers sharing a kiss”

16. “Wait, where are we going?”

What has recently confused you? How do you react to such unusual encounters?

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