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Now I've Seen Everything

17 People Who Don’t Back Down Until They Find a Solution to Their Problem

All of us face problems on a daily basis and we find ways to overcome them and not having them affect us. And unfortunately, many of us will think of the same old solutions that have worked in the past. But, it doesn’t mean that they will work again, since things change. This is where creativity and the ability to think outside the box comes in.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that every problem has at least one solution and all we need to do is be inventive and open to seeing it.

1. “Needed an outdoor shower while bathroom reno is underway.”

2. “Behold, my friend’s butt razor!”

3. “Our cat has become SUPER clingy now that we both work from home. We had to improvise...”

4. “Washing machine lid, fixed!”

5. “My sister’s neighbor wore the face off her monkey so she fixed it with an old tee shirt.”

6. “Our facility manager solved all of our confusion with the bathroom lock.”

7. “My daughter fixed her cousin’s barbie after the head popped off and would not reattach.”

8. “My dad’s razor.”

9. “After 8 months, I finally found a way to deal with the vicious puppy farts.”

10. “We have a small fly problem where I work. This was my boss’s idea of solving that problem.”

11. “The package said it was a ’screen protector!’”

12. “Had to improvise when I didn’t have a banana to use for scale when I was selling a cage online.”

13. “This old pot’s second life.”

14. “A very creative temporary solution”

15. “Work snack Cheetos dust problem has now been solved.”

16. “I’ve been considering getting this as a tattoo.”

17. “I got my rain boots on for my bicycle ride home and I’m all set.”

18. “Backup camera where there is none.”

Are you an inventive person who always tries to solve issues by yourself or do you ask for third party help?

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