18 Quirky Designs That Prove Some People’s Imagination Has No Limits

2 years ago

Creativity is very important in our lives, since it creates empathy, it enables our alternative thinking and it keeps our minds engaged. And it is very important in our society because it helps to open up our minds and remove us from old patterns of thinking. Thankfully, there are so many people around us who keep reminding us that creative thinking can happen anywhere.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is always in search of unique and odd designs that pop up online and we gathered 18 of them for you.

1. “This is actually just a handrail.”

2. “The door handles outside of a local yoga studio”

3. “Poster for a local nail salon”

4. “Faucet at the mall”

5. “This faucet that dispenses water from the top”

6. “Floating” bed

7. “The lighting at a supermarket next to our hotel.”

8. “This storage building is shaped like a box.”

9. “The chairs in my garden are made out of shopping carts.”

10. A rare design for a door

11. “It seems like a good idea for someone who likes cats.”

12. Who doesn’t want a cage outside their window?

13. “Accordion windows create mini outdoor spaces.”

14. “A street sign in Spain with a nose on it.”

15. “Ball chair”

16. “My office break room is styled like the inside of an airplane for some reason.”

17. “Cool little mosaic I came across today.”

18. “This wooden owl door was created in 1930.”

Have you ever seen a design that made you stop and look at it? We’d love it if you explain to us what it was about.


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