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Now I've Seen Everything

20 Dads Who Radiate Love in Everything They Do With Their Children

There’s no need to wait for Father’s Day to recognize the important role dads have in their children’s lives. Plus it’s incredibly heartwarming to see their caring and loving moments through photographs. Luckily, social media now gives everyone an opportunity to share their favorite memories with the world.

Now I’ve Seen Everything put together an emotional compilation that showcases the unconditional love fathers have for their kids.

1. “My husband 6 months after having our twins.”

2. “My daughter wanted to wear her Mario Kart Pyjamas because she wanted to be ’cool like daddy’”

3. “My daughter loves being rolled up like a burrito, so I got her a tortilla blanket”

4. “Single dad here, this happens a lot.”

5. “Father and son cosplay.”

6. “My Dad wore this Hawaiian shirt to every graduation, performance, and football game to all five children.”

“When asked why he told me that he wanted to make sure that we saw him in the crowd.”

7. “My 5 year old son, on seeing us (mom and dad) at his preeschool graduation...”

8. “Let’s go Astros! 4 years ago...father and son. Been with the Astros through thick and thin. Pops is in his 93....let’s do this!”

9. “My beautiful girl is a 1 year old”

10. “Just had son #2 so my dad sent my first two jerseys for the boys to wear when they’re older. So many good memories from these years..”

11. “After 13 years, father and son are reunited.”

12. “Father and son bond fishing while the sun is setting.”

13. “Dad and son switching hats.”

14. “My son absolutely loves Spiderman. He is in for a surprise when this guy comes trick or treating with him.”

15. “Nearly 400 pounds lost between the three of us. Father and sons getting fit.”

16. “Happy first year, dad and little one”

17. “My dad and I as Loki and Agent Mobius for Trunk or Treat!”

18. “After 9 years of having only a mom, my son finally has a dad.”

19. “Always asked for a skateboard as a kid. My parents said not until I’m 35. Today they delivered.”

20. “My dad survived cancer and I’m incredibly grateful.”

What do you like or liked to do most with your dad? What are your best memories together? What does your dad mean to you?

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