12 Things Women Used to Think Are Obligatory to Them But Not Anymore

10 months ago

Social norms have always been around and they were dictating what women should and shouldn’t do. And while they are still around telling them how they should act, at least now they know that there is another way too. It’s not necessary to wear your wedding ring to show your commitment to your partner, for example. We collected 12 things that were like traditions for women but are now starting to break free from them.

1. You should wear a bra even at home.

A bra is an eternal stumbling block. Women are split into 2 opposing sides: one side fights for total freedom from bras, the other side is only ready to take off this item before going to bed. The truth is, however, that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that wearing a bra or not can change the shape of your breasts or impact sagging.

2. You are lazy if you have short hair.

There is a notion that women who opt for short hairstyles are simply uninterested in investing time in hair care and appearance. However, this belief is far from the truth. The ease and quickness of styling a haircut do not solely depend on the length of one’s hair. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle should be based on personal preference, while also considering the shape of one’s face.

3. You need to dye your grey hair.

When a woman notices her first gray hair, she may perceive it as a sign of aging. Consequently, some women resort to plucking out these strands of evidence, while others opt for coloring them. However, is it truly necessary to be concerned about gray hair?

Firstly, gray roots tend to emerge quickly, which can lead to damaging the hair while attempting to conceal them. The positive aspect is that various shades of gray are now considered fashionable, presenting an opportunity to embrace and proudly display your gray hair to the world.

4. You can’t feel cool while buying period products.

Perhaps every woman remembers that feeling of strong embarrassment when she had to take out a pack of hygienic pads at the checkout zone with so many people looking at her. These objects seem to be something intimate, and showing them to others is incredibly embarrassing. In recent years, the situation has changed, and modern girls not only easily buy these necessary things, but can also ask their boyfriends to get them for them. Those who are still worried about buying feminine hygiene items can order them online.

5. You need to iron everything.

It used to be customary to iron everything possible, even socks and underwear couldn’t avoid this fate. However, times are changing and irons now often collect dust in the depths of people’s closets. Millennials tend to refuse to use this appliance, giving preference to wrinkle-free clothes. Nothing bad actually happens when ironing — it’s just that people don’t want to waste their time on this activity anymore.

6. High heels are your best friend.

Every young woman must own a pair of high-heeled shoes or at least this is what they’ve been told since forever. These footwear essentials have the ability to elongate the appearance of the legs, bestow elegance to one’s stride, and contribute to an overall feminine aesthetic. Interestingly, high heels were initially associated with men’s fashion. However, despite their appealing appearance, it is important to acknowledge that high heels are detrimental to both physical well-being and comfort.

7. You treat theatre as a way to wear your best clothes.

Earlier, a visit to the theater used to be some sort of special event — a person was supposed to put on their best outfit and choose suitable jewelry. The origins of this tradition lie in the history of the theater, a visit to which was the privilege of a rich and noble class of people. So they went to the performances not only for the sake of the show, but also to demonstrate their exquisite taste and wealth. Everything changed a couple of decades ago and avid theater-goers now recommend wearing comfortable, not dressy clothes in order not to distract other people from the events taking place on the stage with their looks.

8. You can only get a tattoo when you’re young.

Tattoos, piercings, and vibrant hair highlights are often associated with younger individuals. It is commonly perceived as unusual or odd for someone over the age of 40 to make such distinctive alterations to their appearance. However, the truth is that these choices can be even more meaningful when made as an adult, rather than during teenage years. A woman at this stage of life possesses a stronger sense of self and is less likely to adorn her body with peculiar quotes or awkward images, opting for more intentional and personally significant choices.

9. You can arrange friend get-togethers only at home.

Hosting various celebrations doesn’t hit the family budget heavily, but can bring the hostess or the host to complete exhaustion. The one throwing the party will have to clean the apartment, prepare all dishes for the celebration table, and plan the overall event. After that, they will need to wash all the dishes and make sure that guests who are staying overnight feel comfortable. As a result, this person will likely feel tired, not joy, after these home-based celebrations.

10. You buy clothes for occasions you’ll only wear once.

Certain clothing items are often purchased with the intention of being worn for specific occasions, such as proms or weddings. These stylish pieces can come with a hefty price tag but end up being worn only once or twice before being left to gather dust in the depths of our closets.

However, if you genuinely adore something, you shouldn’t require a specific reason to wear it. For instance, if a girl is not fond of wearing dresses and only needs such an item for a single event, it would be more practical for her to consider renting it instead.

11. You buy shoes and bags as a set.

There is no more need to roam around stores for hours trying to find a bag that is identical to a pair of shoes. In fact, these sets have already made their way to the past. It doesn’t mean that they won’t become trendy again one day, but this trend won’t become a strict rule for sure. It’s better to select things that complement each other and don’t match perfectly.

12. You need to wear a wedding ring.

The lack of a wedding ring on the finger of a married individual, whether it be a woman or a man, should not be seen as a reflection of their moral character or a sign of their openness to engaging in extramarital affairs. There are various reasons why someone might not wear a wedding ring. They could have an allergy to certain metals or simply have a personal preference for not wearing jewelry. It is important not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions based solely on the absence of a ring.

Trends appear all the time and women are usually subjected to many of them by the media and celebrities. However, it’s time we forgot about some outdated trends that were considered traditions for so long.


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