14 Cats That Showed Their Owners Who the Boss of the Household Really Is

2 years ago

Before adopting a cat, we can do our usual routines with little or no outside interruptions. But after welcoming a fur baby into our lives, things take a sharp turn, and normal tasks, like going to the toilet, become activities best done in pairs: ourselves and our cats. One thing is for sure — our cats can be the highlight of our day, and we’re forever in their service.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that one cat a day can take our stress away, so we prepared some really cool pics that will hopefully make your day.

1. “How our cat greets my dad when he gets home from work”

2. “Apparently I’m not allowed to pee alone.”

3. An open and shut case

4. “I just tried to hold my husband’s hand and my cat was not pleased about it.”

5. “My cat hit me with the ’we need to talk’ expression.”

6. “I’m ’her’ human — the look, the attitude, the little paws on my foot...”

7. “He won’t let me grow any onions.”

8. Absolutely zero shame

9. “Pablo is here to steal your heart.”

10. It must be so comfortable...

11. “Had to make a snuggle sling for my kitty since she kept jumping on the keyboard and distracting me from my paper writing.”

12. “Found these little nuggets a few weeks ago foraging for scraps under a beach bar. I think they’re enjoying their new life of luxury.”

13. He somehow fits perfectly in there.

14. “And how exactly am I supposed to work now?”

How are your cats making themselves rulers of your homes?


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