15 Objects That Urged People to Find Out Their Purpose

2 years ago

People are born to be curious about things they don’t know or they haven’t seen before. That’s why they will ask around about them and try to get to the bottom of things they are unaware of. And while curiosity has been linked with negativity, it can also be very useful on many occasions. For example, when you discover a mysterious object it’s almost bad not to ask about its purpose.

It’s amazing how many things exist around us that we have no idea about, and Now I’ve Seen Everything thought it would be interesting to shed some light to their purpose.

1. “This spoon(?) hook thing, the cup holds about 15ml and has circular scratch marks inside. ~ 25 cm long. Made of Brass probably.”

Answer: Candle snuffer.

2. “Looks to be a very small concrete bench or seat facing away from the road near a curb.”

Answer: They could be old carriage steps, used to help people get into and out of horse-drawn carriages.

3. “Metal spring with plastic ends, 20cm long, no writing or markings”

Answer: Hair remover used for the little hairs on one’s face

4. “What is this specific hammer used for?”

Answer: It’s an auto body hammer. Typically, instead of swinging this hammer, you hold it in place and hit the flat face with another hammer.

5. “Small gold pig container with a removable tiny spoon for a tail”

6. “Camera-looking thing hanging from the ceiling above stairs at an airport”

Answer: It’s a “Paging Horn Speaker” made by TOA Electronics, Inc.

7. “These 2 burgundy metal springs I found in my house’s garage. They are about 3 inches long and pretty solid.”

Answer: They look like car door hinge springs probably from a Chevy.

8. “What is this Pewter Spiral & Glass Holder that I found in my AirBnB.”

Answer: It’s a bottle aerator.

9. “It’s a clear, thin, glass penguin. It is 7½ inches tall.”

Answer: According to Worth Point, it is a vintage candy/nut dispenser that has 2 companion pieces.

10. “Mysterious yellow plastic disks mounted on a metal stand, seen near a baseball field.”

Answer: Shoulder rotator

11. “Gold sphere with legs and handle. The sphere splits in 2, each side with a lid.”

Answer: It’s a silver-plated cookie box.

12. “Unknown kitchen gadget with plastic handle and steel ends”

Answer: Looks like a grapefruit knife.

13. “The perforated plate appears to be ceramic and there is a white granular substance under the plate.”

Answer: It’s a desiccator.

14. “Moon silverware, probably German late 19th early 20th century?”

Answer: It might be an ice cream serving set. Looks similar to this one here.

15. “Blue glass thing found at Goodwill. About 5 inches high with a hole in top.”

Answer: That is a whale oil lamp. Hand blown glass. Very odd blue color. Not cheap!

Have you ever discovered an object that you had no idea what it was used for? Who helped you identify it?

Preview photo credit Red-Bell-Pepper / Reddit


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