15 People Whose Gorgeous Hair Could Make Rapunzel Jealous

2 years ago

Growing long hair takes time, patience, and a lot of good hair care products. And eventually, you’ll get irresistibly beautiful locks that will turn heads and clearly show the result is totally worth it. The 15 long-haired people featured in this article definitely know all the secrets to getting the mane of your dreams, and we can’t help but envy them just a little bit.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are seriously considering skipping our next hairdresser appointment after looking at these pictures shared by people with long, gorgeous hair.

“My hair is too heavy for all of it to go in space buns, but it looks cute half up, half down.”

“Who else loves when your curls turn out perfect?”

“It’s been 8 years since my last haircut. Used to have to get it cut for school, last haircut was in 2012, when I was in twelfth grade.”

“Shaved my head 2.5 years ago, now it won’t stop growing!”

“One day, I decided not to comb out my twists. 10 years later...”

“Before/after — 3 years of hair growth!!! For an adequate representation: in the picture on the left, my hair was straightened, and in the picture on the right, my hair is natural.”

“I’ve reached a classic length!”

“I didn’t think that having long hair would make me look so different!”

“My hair has finally grown all the way out to where it was before I got very unhealthy and it started falling out.”

“Today, a coworker asked me for hair advice and it felt good.”

“I’m a little shy, but I wanted to join in with sharing our hair growth stories! I finally have mine down to the middle of my back. I just took this a minute ago and thought my hair looked really nice!”

“Didn’t think I’d make it half this far, but 2 years later, I have this.”

“I mostly see straight and wavy hair, so here’s to the long-haired curlies whose hair still looks shoulder-length!”

“Got a trim yesterday.”

“Hair down to my bottom, I feel like a peacock.”

Which side are you on? Do you like long locks, or do you prefer short cuts?

Preview photo credit megrobey / Reddit


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