17 People Whose Hard Work Brought Them Unbelievable Results

2 years ago

In our lives, it’s impossible to only have good days. Sometimes problems arise, and at these times, it’s crucial to have enough strength in you to keep improving. Even though it’s hard sometimes, the examples of other people achieving great results can be the best motivation.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know how much the right inspiration can help, that’s why we’ve gathered these truly impressive examples.

“10 years’ difference!”

34 months of progress. She now looks like a totally different person.

“My art progress in needle felting.”

“I’ve been training myself to draw photo-realistically for a little while now. Here’s my best sampling from each year of progress.”

“The first one was done a year ago, so I decided to ‘fix’ it to show how much I’ve learned in one year.”

“I started identifying as a fit man in the process of getting fit.”

“After fixing failure after failure, this is one year of progress doing a hobby that means the world to me.”

“I like to draw an eyeball every few years to mark my progress, this year I’m really proud.” Both are drawings.

Lost 200 pounds. Today I completed a half marathon.

“My art improvement from age 12 to 14.”

“Converted the last owner’s kid’s playroom into my library & record room. Proud of the progress over one year.”

It all starts somewhere.

“4 years since I started my journey. I’m so proud of myself!”

The progress in 3D modeling

“I’m down 100 pounds!”

If you want to succeed, just keep trying.

“My horse art from age 12 to age 30.”

Have you improved your skills in something recently? Please show us your before and after pictures in the comments.

Preview photo credit renaborjas / reddit


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