15+ Revolutionary Ideas That Will Make Our Lives Better

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Thanks to the progress humanity has done so far, the lives of millions of people are quite comfortable nowadays. So much so that it can be hard for us to even imagine how things could be better. But this is the job of designers who prove that there are no limits to perfection with their groundbreaking ideas. We gathered some of those in this article.

1. “I gotta find and buy this couch.”

2. “This dress has a clasp on the inside to secure your bra strap.”

3. A refrigerator notepad worthy of a superhero

4. “This chair turns into a step ladder.”

5. “The new fanny pack I bought has a little LED attached to the inside to help you find stuff in it in the dark.”

6. “This LEGO kit has a secret message in the base that only the builder will see.”

7. “Dog restroom in an airport.”

8. “This Gorilla Glue bottle cap has an actual screw to keep it from sticking.”

9. “Table with a hidden compartment”

10. “Some airline seat headrests can rise and cradle your head.”

11. “This highlighter has a see-through part, so you can see what you’re highlighting.”

12. “Two-in-one salt and pepper grinder (whichever side points down)”

13. “My cake came with a knife that has hidden matches for birthday candles.”

14. This bathroom lock also works as an accessory tray.

15. “I made a reusable grocery shopping list.”

16. “My flight has a smaller tray to prop your phone on. I’ve never seen this before.”

17. “Bathroom stalls in Japan have little seats hanging on the wall for your toddler.”

What object that you use on a daily basis do you think could be improved with a novel design?

Preview photo credit 116morningside/reddit


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