15 Side-by-Side Photos Where Family Genes Won Against Time

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Some people don’t have to look in the mirror to see themselves. All is takes is a look through a family album or a visit to relatives’ house. That’s because every once in awhile genetics pumps up the resemblance power and we get great-grandsons’ that look exactly like someone who lived a century ago. It’s truly a magical thing to see!

Now I’ve Seen Everything will make you see double with this compilation of folks who have a real-life copy of themselves.

1. “My grandpa in 1980 and my uncle in 2018.”

2. “I look like my great-great-grandfather”

3. “Found a pic of my mom at 3. It blew my mind how much she looked like my kid at 3.”

4. “Genetics you say? I guess it wasn’t the pool boy after all.”

5. “My mother insists I look like my grandfather (1942)”

6. “Sometimes I wonder how much I look like my dad. Then I see pictures of him when he was my age!”

7. “My grandma at 17, and me at 26”

8. “I’ve been told I look like my mother.”

9. “People tell me I look like my dad, so I dressed as him circa 40 years ago for Halloween.”

10. “I always get stopped in my town in Mexico because they say I look like my dad and ask me if I’m his son.”

11. “Everyone always told me I look like my grandfather.”

12. “My aunts say I resemble my great-grandmother.”

13. “My daughter looks a lot like my great-great-grandmother.”

14. “Left is me in 2014, right is my grandpa in 1963.”

15. “My granda and I when we were teens.”

Who in your family do you think you look most like? Share your pics!

Preview photo credit swagmanhouey / Reddit


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