15 Times the Essence of Parenting Was Hilariously Captured in a Pic

2 years ago

Life with children is a never-ending rollercoaster ride. The experience of parenting is hard to put into words, so we’re grateful that photos speak volumes. In fact, some moms and dads out there were able to illustrate to a T what it’s all like. From having their daughter beg to wear a cone of shame to finding cereal inside their toilet brush handle, these parents deal with everything with a great sense of humor.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a few pics of family life that will have you crying with laughter like that one emoji.

1.“She would’t stop crying until she got her own cone of shame.”

2. “Just found her chilling here for over an hour.”

3. “This is where my almost-2-year-old chose to hide after I told him it was time to go.”

4. “My 6 year-old son said there was green goo coming out o fhis waffle.”

5. “My son tried drawing a picture of a dinosaur and now I’ll never be able to sleep again.”

6. “I tell a terrible dad joke and this is how my daughter reacts.”

7. “I think my 3-year-old is about to summon something.”

8. “My 3-year-old made me a card today.”

9. “8 spots to sit; all three choose my legs stretched out on the ottoman.”

10. “When I was a 4-year-old girl, I cut my hair into a mullet. My mom bawled.”

11. “My daughter doesn’t even understand the joke she just made.”

  • It’s a reference to the CPR episode of The Office, where Dwight wore the face of a dummy as a mask.

12. “I think my daughter just told my dog something he wasn’t prepared to hear.”

13. “My friend’s kid got stuck in our cat tower.”

14. “My 3-year-old son found my hair clippers.”

15. “I think my 3-year-old is trying to kill me.”

What funny things did you do as a kid?

Preview photo credit Obese_hairnet / Reddit


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