16 Photos That Prove Love Only Grows Stronger With Time

2 years ago

Some people believe love only lasts 3 years. But the heroes of this article are living proof of the fact that love can last an entire lifetime if you are lucky enough to meet your true soulmate.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we are truly happy for these 16 people who have been together for decades, but who look as if it’s their very first date.

1. “My grandparents 53rd anniversary is today.”

2. The years may pass by, but love is there, always.

3. “My grandparents celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary yesterday.”

4. “She loved this photo, so she was buried with it in her hands. I wish I had words.”

5. “They renewed their wedding vows for the second time on the 70th anniversary of their wedding.”

6. “We dated in high school for 7 months, broke up for 10 years, then reconnected and got married. We’ve been secretly married for almost 2 years but our ’wedding’ will be next year.”

7. Together in sickness and in health

8. 75 years of marriage never looked more beautiful.

9. “Dance with me, always and forever.”

10. “I captured what 60 years of love looks like in my grandparents.”

11. “One decade down, forever to go.”

12. “My grandparents dancing at their 50th wedding anniversary.”

13. More proof that soulmates do exist.

14. “My grandparents wanted to do a photoshoot for their 66th anniversary. My grandpa, art directing: ’Okay, now we should look at each other lovingly.’”

15. “After being separated for 3 years, they will be spending the rest of their days together under the same roof.”

16. “My grandparents celebrated their 60th anniversary today. They always make me smile.”

Which picture made you scream, “Aww!” the most? Do you have a picture of your own to share with us?

Preview photo credit ulianRob37 / Reddit


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