17 People Share Their Hair Journey and Will Hopefully Inspire Many of You

10 months ago

A psychologist explained that “It’s likely we are hardwired to feel emotionally connected to our hair.” This is so true if you think about how one single bad hair day can ruin your mood. That’s why people spend so much time styling their hair and thinking about what would look better on it. Either it’s a big transformation or a long journey, people are happy to share their hair photos online.

1. “So after nearly 9 years, I’ve decided to go back to shorter hair. I am mostly just looking forward to the quicker showers and easier maintenance.”

2. “A 4-year transformation, all from learning how to take care of my curls”

3. “Made the tough decision yesterday, filled with regret but at least it’ll grow back, right.....right?”

4. Don’t ask, “why?” — ask, “why not?”

5. “My god, you’re really pretty. I adore your hair.”

6. “5 years ago, I got out of the navy and I pledged never to get a haircut ever again. I wasn’t aware that this is what was waiting to be unleashed.”

7. “I got a chop and love it! My hair is going to charity!”

8. “1,5 years after getting a buzz cut.”

9. When a cool top knot is just a necessity:

10. “First year of college to my fifth year!”

11. “Was it for better or for worse?”

12. “I decided that killing my hair wasn’t good.”

13. “8 year glow up! Finally embracing my natural color and curls.”

14. “Most of the time I love my curls. And sometimes they send a little love back.”

15. “Sometimes you can just TELL a hair day will be good before it even dries!”

16. “I followed the advice and went back to short hair.”

17. You never know what’s hidden under a man bun.

People decide to either cut or grow their hair every single day and most of the times, these decisions prove to be successful. There are times though that these decisions prove to be heartbreaking.

Preview photo credit aspiringgolfer10 / Reddit


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