17 People Whose Love Only Becomes Stronger With Time

2 years ago

There is a belief that love only lasts 3 years and the happy endings in movies and fairytales of couples living “happily ever after” is just a myth. However, if we look around, we’ll be able to find lots of examples that prove love actually lives for as long as the 2 people involved are willing to work on their relationships. Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of such examples.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are happy to share some stories of love and friendship that only get stronger as years pass by.

“We recreated our wedding day photos 25 years later.”

“Met my best friend when we were in diapers. Started dating in 2011, and 4 years later, we’re still 2 goofs in love.”

“My son and daughter’s first picture together, and again 12 years later”

“My grandmother and my 2-year-old self baking gingerbread cookies — the second pic was taken 15 years later.”

“Happy seventieth anniversary to my wife’s grandparents!”

“My husband and his sister in 1976 and 2014”

“11 years and not much has changed — college roommates.”

“My grandmother and her twin brother at 3 or 4 years old (1940/41), and this weekend on their eightieth birthday”

“Almost exactly 40 years later, my parents!”

Me reading the newspaper with my dad, circa 1989, and my daughter doing the same with me”

“My grandfather and me, 29 years apart”

“High school sweethearts, 10 years this week!”

“Brothers, then and now”

“My best friend of 20 years, my handsome little gentleman”

“I was directed to do this: 1968 vs 2018”

“Grandma reading my brother a story 21 years later”

“8 years later, we recreated our prom pic at our wedding.”

Who do you love unconditionally? Post a photo of the 2 of you together, we’d love to see it.

Preview photo credit luckyinlove25 / imgur


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