17 Silly Stereotypes From the Past That Today’s Parents Should Get Out of Their Heads

7 months ago

Many people hold the belief that the upbringing of a child as a well-mannered, virtuous, and successful individual hinges entirely upon the actions of their parents. We subscribe to the notion that content and composed parents constitute a pivotal element in a blissful childhood. Accordingly, we have compiled a concise catalog of contemporary parental expectations that can be relinquished.

Holding on to an unhappy marriage because of the children

Experts have reached the consensus that when a marriage is fraught with frequent conflicts, children often experience improved well-being when their parents opt for divorce. Furthermore, a child who has undergone their parents’ divorce stands an equal chance of establishing a successful relationship, akin to children raised in intact families.

Moreover, certain research suggests that individuals who choose to remarry have a reduced likelihood of experiencing divorce themselves.

Striving for perfection in appearance

New mothers often find themselves under immense pressure regarding their appearance. It is not only expected that the home and the infant be in impeccable condition but the mother herself is anticipated to maintain a well-groomed and physically fit demeanor. In reality, certain mothers may find themselves bereft of the time even for a brief shower during the initial months postpartum.

There exist a couple of strategies that can be employed in this regard: either accompany the child to the bathroom or seize the opportunity when the baby dozes off to secure a precious 10-minute window for personal hygiene.

Overcoming the shame of a crying baby

Offspring of all ages are prone to displaying misbehavior in public settings, often manifesting their negative emotions through crying and tantrums. However, this should not deter them from venturing into public spaces.

Children often interpret the guidance “Don’t cry!” as an injunction to maintain perpetual happiness or, at the very least, to feign contentment visibly. Parents need not feel ashamed if their child’s behavior falls short of perfection. After all, children, like adults, possess the intrinsic right to experience weariness, frustration, or anger.

Battling guilt over a less than perfect home

When a baby appears in the house, cleaning seems to become one of the most important things. After all, babies crawl and put literally everything they stumble upon into their mouths. However, you shouldn’t always try to make your home sterile. The immune system of children is much stronger than adults think.

Sometimes moms and dads need to give themselves a break and just relax. There is nothing wrong with a little mess at home. The parents’ peace of mind is more important than cleanliness.

Breaking the habit of staying home constantly

The question of whether you can take your baby to public places should be decided by your pediatrician, and not by random people around you. If the child is vaccinated and doesn’t have any health problems, it’s quite possible to go out with them a few months after they are born.

Parents should focus on their own desires and the recommendations of experts. There is no need to take into account the opinions of relatives, friends, or caring strangers.

Embracing joyful moments with your children

Children often copy their parents’ behavior. This also applies to having fun. Therefore, games and having fun together plays a big role in their upbringing, along with training and serious conversations.

Navigating the complex world of early education

Parents and experts have yet to come to an agreement on whether early childhood education should be mandatory. There are pros and cons to both sides.

On the one hand, early education can help a child in school. On the other hand, lessons like these deprive them of their childhood. So each parent chooses for themselves which position is more relevant to them.

Letting go of the perfect mother comparison

Trying to be a perfect mother is a pretty dangerous route to try to take. According to psychologists, this often leads to nervous breakdowns and parental burnout. There is nothing wrong with the fact that a woman can’t find time to do everything, and that any little thing can bring her to tears.

Finding balance without overindulging your child

A baby simply can’t be spoiled. Until they’re about 9 months, they are not yet able to manipulate adults, and therefore they cry or scream when something bothers them. Even if you hold your child in your arms all day, it’s impossible to spoil them. Moreover, a child feels more secure when they have frequent bodily contact with their parents.

Apologizing to strangers for your child’s behavior

For most adults, the petty nagging from others is an unpleasant, but rather a harmless norm in life. But for children, it can be a real challenge. Therefore, kids should be taught to tolerate criticism calmly and without shame. One option is to show them how to react correctly. If the remark that was made was reasonable, there is no reason to feel upset and embarrassed. You should explain calmly to your child that everything will be OK.

Avoiding tears through excessive prohibitions

While scientists disagree on how much time a child can spend in front of the TV every day, they are unanimous that this is not the best activity for toddlers. Children should be limited when it comes to these things. But if the mother is really worn out and tired, it’s better to turn on your child’s favorite cartoons for 30 minutes, and not bring yourself and your child to tears over it.

Neglecting personal time and self-care

Every parent needs rest and a little time for themselves. If you don’t take these breaks, it can end poorly for both children and adults. Therefore, if mom or dad decides to take a couple of hours for themselves, it’s preferable to leave the baby with a nanny or with relatives.

Reconsidering the time spent in the kitchen

It’s not that easy for modern parents to find a few extra hours to cook all sorts of dishes. A hearty and appetizing lunch already seems like an achievement. If there is a choice — to cook pies for the kids or go for a walk and play with them — the latter option is better.

Overcoming the fear of seeking help

Various stereotypes, including gender stereotypes, are formed in childhood. And it’s not easy to get rid of the tedious role of a caring homemaker in adulthood. Therefore, you should not broadcast these behavior patterns to your children.

If parents don’t have enough time for cleaning or cooking, they can always hire professional services or ask relatives for help so they can spend a few free hours taking care of their baby or sleeping.

Being too caring

Parental care and concern is a completely natural and necessary thing. But when it transforms into the control of every step of the child in order to protect them from any mistakes or dangers, this can do more harm than good. Children in these families grow up more nervous and less adapted to all kinds of hardships in life.

Not letting yourself or your child have a break

Sometimes a child should be allowed to skip school. Of course, you shouldn’t make it a habit and arrange a day off for your child at their first request. But if the workload at school is really heavy and the child looks exhausted, you can give them a short break once every few months.

Force-feeding a baby

Toddlers can be picky eaters. At the same time, feeding them by force or by distracting them with various toys is not worth it. There is more harm than good from this approach. If the child refuses to eat something, you can offer them another dish or serve the food they don’t like in a new, unusual way. And you don’t have to closely monitor the exact amount of food they eat.

Parenting is definitely a complicated process. And there are no moms and dads who would not make mistakes in bringing up their children. But all of them are united by the desire to make their children the happiest in the world.


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