18 Adorable Moments That Made the Cover Page of People’s Family Albums

2 years ago

Many families collect as many of their kids’ photos as possible and organize them in family albums. This is a very important thing for all the members of a family, so they can remember the past and all the good times they’ve shared. There is no better memento of our special moments than photos since our memory can fade away with time.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves a good photo that awakens our emotions, and here are 18 of those.

1. “Cheese slice stops baby from crying.”

2. “My daughter wouldn’t move until she’d given all 15 penguins a cuddle.”

3. “My super-happy daughter has the best arm rolls ever! They’re like little bread rolls!”

4. “So, my wife sings the same song for our daughter’s bath time as we used to sing for our dog’s showers. And this is what happens every time.”

5. “This is my daughter. My family and friends tell me she’s beautiful, I think she looks like a turtle.”

6. “Took in a stray cat 4 nights ago that followed us home for 4 blocks. We woke up to a surprise the next morning.”

7. “After months of denial and many nights on the couch, I finally got the evidence to prove to my wife why she sleeps better than I do.”

8. “My wife’s family made fun of me for wanting green bean casserole. My father-in-law felt bad and secretly made some for me anyway.”

9. “My grandad kept his promise to meet his great-granddaughter.”

10. “My grandfather reads a Mother’s Day card to his wife of 65 years, who lost her sight 3 years ago. They are my 2 favorite people in the world.”

11. “My tortoise loves it when I hold his hand, he always goes to sleep after I do it.”

12. “Shoveling snow gets boring so I decided to make my little sister a present. She loved it!”

13. “My daughter’s 3rd birthday is today. I never got to bring her home. So for the past two years, on her birthday, we’ve donated toys for kids. This year I was able to fill a whole truck bed full of toys.”

14. “Just under 2 years ago, my wife and I adopted a little girl. Three days ago, we adopted her biological sibling.”

15. “My little baby Milo is home after being missing for 21 days!”

16. “My daughter at Disney”

17. “The hospital let my dog stay with me after brain surgery.”

18. “Buddy the beagle hugging his best friend at doggy day care!”

What is the most adorable and heart-melting picture you’ve ever taken or seen in a family album?

Preview photo credit kriskirby86 / reddit


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