18 Girls Who Just Wanted to Make a Pedicure, but Their Vision of Beauty Took Them Far Way

6 months ago

Pedicures are like a little art project for your toes, and they’re a cool way to show off who you are or how you’re feeling. Some girls imagine their toenails as a tiny canvas, and the nail polish as the colorful paint. No matter what season is outside and what shoes do you wear — open sandals for summer or warm uggs for winter — you always know what bright mood you have on your toes.

“Funniest pedi I’ve ever gotten.”

“I’m so happy I decided to try the ‘permanent’ French nails or press-on nails.”

Light-reflecting cat eye polish on top of black

“Birthday Mani and Pedi with regular polish.”

“It is a struggle painting upside down when doing a pedicure. Can you guess what I was trying to draw?”

“Red pedis make me feel like a Queen.”

“I need a lot of work on leafy designs, but I’m still pretty happy with the overall result.”

“Pink nails and pedi.”

“I just had to share my strawberry nails.”

“I wanted to create a summer mood, so I drew a hibiscus.”

“I hardly ever wear shoes. Always barefoot, flip flops, hiking sandals or crocs.”

“I drew this with a thin brush.”

“I bought pedicure strips and put them on. Let’s see how long they last.”

“I told my artist she could do whatever she wanted. She took different colors and here we are.”

“I love getting a pedicure, but sometimes, I do it myself.”

“Asked my nail tech if we could try acrylic on the big toes. Next time, I’ll ask for a full acrylic pedicure.”

“Beach nails”

“Tried a different type of French tip.”

  • You have such long nails! How do you even wear shoes? © GHASTLYEYRIEE / Reddit
  • It’s my nail bed. There’s like zero free edge underneath the polish. Even when they’re longer, I put my socks and shoes on the same as anyone else. © Daphodili / Reddit

Whether you go for bold and bright or soft and calm, your pedicure becomes your own little masterpiece. It’s like telling the world, “Hey, this is me!” without saying a word. It’s not just about painting your nails; it’s about having fun and letting your creativity shine through.

Preview photo credit Daphodili / Reddit


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