15+ People Who Shine With Confidence Through New Hairstyles

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Hair is a very important if not crucial part of people’s identity, and that’s why many of us are afraid to make big changes. We get so attached to it that we feel our allure will disappear if we shake things up. But, in reality, a different hairstyle or color might look even better on you and even increase your self-esteem and boost your general sense of self.

1. Both look great, don’t they?

2. “I’ve decided to dye my hair a bright, reddish ginger.”

3. “Year 2 of 4 of growing my hair out for a Sailor Jupiter cosplay I have planned, and my hair has never been this healthy.”

4. “Finally shaved my head!”

5. “I’m happy with a big change.”

6. “Went brunette today after 6 years. So not used to it...”

7. “Bangs or no bangs?”

8. “For those considering a full shave, here is my before and after.”

9. “Well, here goes 12 inches off my head!”

10. “After months of debating, I finally went for the shaggy chop and bangs.”

11. “Took Reddit’s advice, chopped some hair off, and went darker.”

12. “Before and after, I’m in love with the new cut.”

13. “Grew out my hair (and beard) longer than I ever have before. I can’t decide if I want to go back or keep going.”

14. “Feels so great to have gotten rid of so much hair and I had the best stylist ever!”

15. “I love my new hair color! Before and after! Thank you guys for your help!”

16. “I’ve always ’known’ my face was too fat for a short haircut. But I fell in love with a picture of short hair and couldn’t get my mind off it.”

“Brought it to my stylist, and here’s what happened!”

17. “I’ve been stressing out about my hair loss for months now... finally built up the courage to shave it all off! Feeling good!”

18. It’s amazing what a trip to the barber can do.

Preview photo credit lunelynx / Reddit


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