20 Times Life Threw Random Surprises at People

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Humans need surprises in their lives, according to experts. Apart from triggering dopamine (a.k.a. happy hormones) in our bodies, unpredictable events make our days more engaging. And it turns out there are many ways to invite surprises into our lives. These include taking more risks, mixing up routines and becoming more curious about your surroundings.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 people who definitely got a kick out of the interesting finds and amusing sights that they chanced upon.

1. “Tried to take a panoramic picture of the Eiffel Tower and it went surprisingly well!”

2. “My tomato is trying to turn back into a whole plant.”

3. “Spotted a cool house!”

4. “I found a red onion that was actually red, not purple.”

5. “Was feeling a little down until I ran into the GOAT of all bikers.”

6. “This extra wide piece of asparagus from my garden.”

7. “There’s an apple on this apple.”

8. “Received a 3D printout of my brain after volunteering many hours in an FMRI study.”

9. “The sunlight landed perfectly on this fish and gave it a skull.”

10. “This rock I found that is shaped like a shark”

11. “I cut into a cantaloupe and the inside was square.”

12. “Today I had black ice cream and it was delicious.”

13. “The original pride flag and the sewing machine it was sewn on.”

14. “This Oreo that was stamped with a random piece of equipment.”

15. “A giant pretzel with different toppings”

16. “I was at the beach and found a shell with barnacles on it, which made it look like an anatomically correct heart.”

17. “The lamppost at this house in my neighborhood has a real flame.”

18. “The largest lobster claw I have ever seen for sale.”

19. “This heart-shaped mushroom I saw.”

20. “Went to the bathroom and saw this glorious man staring at me.”

Have you ever discovered something that made your eyes open wider and made you want to share it with other people?

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