20 People Who Need a Warm Hug to Get Them Through the Day

year ago

Everything happens for a reason, even the bad surprises life throws our way. After all, the Universe can have a dark sense of humor to remind us not to take our blessings for granted. Because it is by experiencing our worst moments that we learn to truly appreciate our lucky days and enjoy them to the fullest.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that humor is the best way to face bad luck. And here are 20 people who decided to share their misfortunes with the world and laugh at them instead of taking them too seriously.

1. ’’Not being able to fit in my own shower.’’

2. ’’I present to you my croissant.’’

3. ’’Sole of my shoe came off when I got to work with no warning.’’

4. ’’My new dress broke on my way home from the work Christmas party.’’

5. ’’I found out one of my socks is missing one color.’’

6. ’’I have to untangle this at work.’’

7. ’’I made a cake for my brother’s birthday and my 6-year-old sister scraped all the tops off with her finger and ate it.’’

8. ’’My tea collection before and after my mom makes 1 cup’’

9. ’’I went to take my classic car for a spin. Discovered the interior is completely covered in mold.’’

10. ’’My brain malfunctioned while preparing scrambled eggs.’’

11. ’’She kicked me 4 times already.’’

12. ’’Meanwhile in Sweden...’’

13. ’’The way that my girlfriend eats a pizza...’’

14. ’’My brother tried to dye his brand new Nikes in coffee and forgot about them for a month.’’

15. ’’I didn’t expect much, but this just reached an entirely new level.’’

16. ’’What I discovered between my ice cream and cone’’

17. ’’No wonder my projects haven’t been coming out the right size.’’

18. ’’Birthday chili is gone.’’

19. ’’Ate half a head of broccoli only to discover it was full of bugs.’’

20. ’’I got a haircut 3 days before my wedding...’’

What was the most unsettling surprise you’ve experienced lately? What is your attitude in the face of challenging situations?


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