15 Inspiring Reminders That Anything Is Possible

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The road to realizing our dreams is often a bumpy one. Whether it’s an illness that needs to be overcome or simply the fear of being too old, not losing motivation is a hard task. But some only stopped fighting at the finish line. And it’s good to take some time to celebrate our personal victories.

Now I’ve Seen Everything introduces you to people whose achievements perfectly illustrate why giving up should never be an option.

1. “I’m partially blind. This took me 70 hours to paint.”

2. “After 11 miscarriages, I finally have my rainbow baby.”

3. “I was really insecure about my hair, so I decided to just shave it all off.”

4 “Today is my 7th ’Zipperversary’ for my life-saving and forever life-changing brain surgery.”

5. “Our son is finally home after spending a month in NICU after he was born.”

6. “Finally tied the knot with my girlfriend of 7 years, it hasn’t been an easy adventure, but I am glad of the result.”

7. “I’ve been using makeup as a distraction from chronic pain and everyone was so lovely to me.”

8. “I struggled with having grays at a young age. 3 years ago, I stopped using dye to encourage others to do the same.”

9. “I started college the other day after being out of school for 6 years and never thinking I was capable of doing it.”

10. “We’re now officially Mr. and Mr., and we stand for those who came before us and were brave enough to fight for us.”

11. “A pic I took of my husband with all the books he wrote.”

12. “In one year I went from never leaving the bed to traveling the world solo for 10 months, making friends and finding romance.”

13. “My grandma meeting her great-grand-daughter for the first time in a surprise visit.”

14. “On the left is me on my birthday stuck in a toxic marriage, vs me on my birthday yesterday, all geared up and ready to go skydiving.”

15. “She beat cancer while smiling every day.”

16. “I rescued him a month ago. Can’t believe it’s the same dog.”

17. “I met up with the nutritionist who helped me lose nearly 300 lbs.”

Which pictures moved you the most? Do you have any similar stories to share?

Preview photo credit kylcigh / Reddit, Ruffffian / Reddit


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