20+ Pets That Made Their Owners Wonder If There Was Something Wrong With Them

2 years ago

It’s no secret that having pets is good for you: they can decrease your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, make you spend more time being active outside, etc. But arguably, the most pleasant advantage is that you never run out of things to discuss with other people: each pet seems to be pre-packaged with an unlimited number of funny quirks.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to share 25 pictures with proof of this.

1. “Out of all his toys, he chooses to play ‘keep away’ with my mallet mid-project.”

2. “Me too, cat. Me too.”

3. This is the cure for the hiccups, apparently.

4. When you want to sit and stand at the same time:

5. “If I fits, I sits. I fits, so therefore, I must sits.”

6. “I think I caught her in the middle of transitioning into a snake.”

7. He sleeps like a Thanksgiving turkey.

8. “Sherman is all about the face smushes.”

9. The way these dogs are laying perfectly in sync

10. Broken puppy!

11. “She loves dramatic places for naps.”

12. “Shelby is wondering why we disturbed her nap.”

13. “He is such a weirdo. Anything for a belly rub.”

14. “Sylvie is still figuring out how the new cat tower works.”

15. “I’ve never in my life seen a cat that is this comfortable.”

16. “My cat sits in her ’boat’ in the hot tub every single day and refuses to get out, even after an hour!”

17. “Shiba.exe has stopped working.”

18. “Just hanging out...”

19. “I think I’ll sit right...here!”

20. “Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges...”

21. “Ted’s favorite pose”

22. “I guess I’ll sleep over here...”

23. “My sister’s dog is upset that we didn’t take her on a twelfth walk today.”

24. Mind the gap.

25. Sleeping like he’s the father of the family

Do you have any goofy pics of your pets? Share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit acampio2 / Reddit


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