20+ Tireless Experimenters That Answer the Question, “What If?”

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From early childhood, our parents and grandparents have taught us to do the dishes right after a meal. And various packs of food always have a shelf life and storage conditions that we’re supposed to read and follow.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything were interested in finding out what happens if we don’t follow these instructions. And we learned the answer thanks to these photos people posted online.

This rotten tomato looks like a bee.

That chili might be just a tad expired.

This forgotten vegan cheese

Just a little mold on some garlic...

“Left the soup on the stove for a couple of days.”

What happens to an orange if you leave it outside somewhere in a very dry climate

This pack of sugar wasn’t opened for 20 years.

“Some moisture got into the jar or something. Otherwise, mold wouldn’t have grown.”

What happens when you leave a bag of grass seed out

This is what happens when you put dish soap in a fountain.

“At first, I thought this was mosaic tile until I got closer and saw that it had been left in the sun too long.”

What happens when you put corn on the cob in the microwave

“I opened a decade-old Play-Doh container to find it had grown crystals.”

“What happens when you put M&Ms in a dish of water”

“An oil drip pan got rained on overnight.”

“What happens if you leave an apple and a banana for 6 months in an office locker”

“I forgot about this spaghetti squash for so long that it sprouted inside the shell...”

What happens when you leave a soda can in a hot car

This is what happens when no one keeps the ornamental cabbage trimmed.

“I was out of commission for a week and a half. Got up to clean the house when I discovered this. It seemed like I could pet it like a dog.”

“This sack of potatoes I left in the basement about 4 months ago and forgot about”

This is what happens if you don’t eat your artichoke right away!

This is what a book looks like after being ravaged by termites...

“My mom left coffee outside.”

“My shoes after one year in Scotland — they never got wet, it’s just humid here.”

Sometimes, even the most careful people get into situations where forgotten foods or clothes change their color or shape. These photos were taken by regular Internet users. Perhaps you have something like this in your phone memory as well. Share your pics in the comment section below and we’ll publish them in the next article.

Preview photo credit 9znc11 / Reddit, jmvane375 / Reddit


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