A Model With Hairy Birthmark in the Middle of Forehead Gets Asked to Remove It All the Time, but She Has a Harsh Response

3 months ago

Being a model means always being in the spotlight. It can be tough sometimes, especially if you have a unique feature, like Rada’s hair lock on her forehead. But instead of letting it bring her down, it only adds to her charm. Rada knows how to handle rude comments from people who don’t understand. She responds with grace and confidence, showing that embracing what makes you different is the key to true beauty.

She went viral for her unique look

At just 18 years old, model Rada Prelevic, also known as Rada Viic on social media, despite having a lot of followers, has captured the attention of users worldwide due to a distinctive feature: long strands of hair that gracefully hang from her forehead. Despite the fascination for her unique trait, Rada often finds herself subjected to harsh criticism and hurtful comments online. Trolls label her appearance as «bizarre» and suggest that she remove the locks.

In a candid video shared with her followers, she courageously affirmed that she really loves her hair and she won’t shave it. She also questions herself about why her unique hair bothers so many people.

She was born with it.

The Serbian-born model, now based in Oslo, Norway, where she has been living since the age of 5, shed light on the origins of her distinctive feature. Reflecting on her unusual trait, Rada explained that she was born with it. And there’s no explanation as to why the hair is placed on her forehead and has grown so much. She only knows that the patch is a birthmark.

She perfectly handles with haters.

People can be pretty different when it comes to opinions. Some folks just don’t get why she doesn’t cut that lock of hair. They might even get upset about it.

But there are plenty of others who think differently. They support her and think it’s cool. They even admire her for being unique. It just goes to show, there’s no one right way to do things, and that’s okay.

Her hair helps her modeling career.

For Rada, the unique lock of hair coming from her forehead has evolved into a unique feature, one that she proudly embraces as her personal «trademark» within the fashion industry. She notices that fashion magazines and photographers love her appearance, making her even prouder of the way she looks.

In matters of love and relationships, Rada’s self-assurance extends to her personal life as well. She says that she would never compromise her authenticity for the sake of romantic companionship. She firmly states that she would never be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t appreciate her for who she is.

In the face of rude comments, Rada responds with confidence and composure. Her ability to handle such situations gracefully not only sets her apart as a model but also showcases her strength as an individual and inspire others. Rada’s unwavering self-assurance and rejection of conventional beauty norms stand as a compelling testament to the significance of embracing one’s own uniqueness.


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