A Young Woman Was Rudely Told to PUT A SHIRT ON While Doing Her Workout

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Recovering one’s fitness after childbirth can pose significant challenges, especially when faced with unwarranted comments from strangers about one’s attire. In a recent incident, Kylen Suttner, a young mother, found herself being body-shamed by a fellow gym attendee who deemed her outfit inappropriate. Their encounter gained widespread attention on TikTok, but Suttner handled the situation with grace and delivered a perfect response to the judgmental stranger.

Kylen Suttner is a mother of one and loves fitness.

At the age of 21, Kylen Suttner embarked on her journey as a fitness influencer in 2021 by sharing her experiences on Instagram. Over time, her dedication and authenticity have garnered her a substantial following of over 100,000 on Instagram and nearly half a million on TikTok. Alongside her online presence, Suttner embraces the role of a devoted mother to her baby boy and openly documents her postpartum fitness journey, as well as her participation in various fitness challenges.

While working out, she had an unpleasant encounter with a stranger.

During one of her workouts, Kylen Suttner encountered an unexpected confrontation with a stranger. Interrupting her routine, the woman expressed her disapproval of Suttner’s choice to wear a sports bra at the gym. “Do you really think you can walk around the gym wearing that?” were the stranger’s initial words to Suttner.

Suttner managed to stay calm.

Despite feeling initially taken aback, Suttner confidently responded with a simple “yes” to the woman’s questioning. The stranger continued to voice her disapproval, highlighting various aspects of the young mom’s outfit that she deemed inappropriate. Fortunately, the exchange concluded shortly thereafter, but not before the stranger felt compelled to advise Suttner to “put a shirt on next time.”

Her video on TikTok got her a lot of supportive comments.

Kylen Suttner skillfully captured the entire encounter on video and promptly shared it on her TikTok channel, causing it to quickly gain widespread attention. Her loyal followers were perplexed by the peculiar situation and questioned why the stranger felt entitled to dictate Suttner’s attire. One commenter praised Suttner for her composed response, “You handled that real well. I would’ve lost it on her. I’m so sorry!” one of the commenters wrote, while someone else wondered, “I’m literally SO SHOOK. The audacity that girl had to say that?!?”

This isn’t the only case where someone has been shamed and many people, including Selena Gomez and this interabled couple, have faced these issues. And maybe that’s why so many people are ditching old stereotypes.

Preview photo credit kylensuttner / TikTok


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