Amal Clooney Harshly Criticized for One Body Feature by Online Troll, and George’s Reaction Is Priceless

6 months ago

The romantic journey of George and Amal Clooney, which began in 2014, has captivated the attention of many. As the partner of a prominent Hollywood A-lister, Amal Clooney experiences both widespread admiration and unwarranted criticism. She frequently encounters disparaging remarks about her looks, with individuals scrutinizing even the minutest aspects of her physique and wardrobe. However, George, her husband, adeptly navigates through the negativity, shielding his wife from the unkindness that occasionally emanates from others.

Being the wife of a Hollywood star has presented Amal with its fair share of challenges.

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Several celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Bono, and Oprah, had already gained significant fame before transitioning into humanitarian and advocacy roles. The opposite is true for Amal Clooney, who was a superstar in her own right before marrying George. However, her prominence was in a field distinct from the glitz of Hollywood. Amal had established herself as a respected international human-rights lawyer prior to marrying the Hollywood A-lister. Now, she stands as one of the world’s most recognizable faces, a shift that has brought additional challenges to her life.

Mrs. Clooney is currently grappling with the challenge of being acknowledged not merely as a celebrity spouse but as a genuine professional with a thriving career. She must maintain the confidentiality of numerous aspects of her life, such as expecting twins. Simultaneously, this situation has enhanced her skill in redirecting public attention towards specific groups she assists, a crucial aspect of her primary job.

Amal’s work as a human rights lawyer is serious and worthy, but people keep talking mainly about her looks and outfits. There’s a certain stigma that she’s “Too beautiful to be a serious lawyer,” and people tend to think about her only from the prospective of her famous husband’s achievements. But there’s an opinion that a lot of women find her simply intimidating. Apart from the perfect looks and a successful career, she’s married to a rich and famous man who stands for her work, and she’s a working mom, too.

Amal Clooney is being criticized, and some people don’t select words to offend her.


After marrying George, Amal immediately found herself under a microscope. She has endured her fair share of negative comments, directed at both her outfits and appearance, ever since becoming one half of Hollywood’s renowned couple.

Social media trolls frequently target her across various platforms. A few years ago, Elle magazine published an article titled “54 Times Amal Clooney Looked Just Stunning,” focusing on Amal’s sense of style and showcasing how she curated her outfits for various occasions. However, a Twitter user responded with a derogatory comment, stating, “She’s lovely, but she has sticky icky skinny legs, ugly shapeless sticks.” Another user echoed this malicious criticism, expressing bewilderment at George Clooney’s choice of Amal as his wife and asserting that “she looks like an ugly man.”

But she knows how to handle all the negativity with dignity.

Amal has consistently managed challenging situations and criticism with grace. Another instance of an inappropriate reaction from others occurred when Amal was standing before the European Court of Human Rights, representing Armenia in a legal case. At that moment, a journalist posed an unexpected question that she least anticipated in that context.

She was asked about her choice of attire. Without hesitation, Amal responded to the out-of-place question with brilliance. She simply gestured to her legal robes and humorously replied, “I’m wearing Ede & Ravenscroft.”

George Clooney consistently defends his wife in the sweetest way possible.

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In turn, George possesses a potent weapon against trolls and naysayers — his unwavering expressions of love for his wife, which he consistently shares publicly. In his interviews, he continuously praises his wife, placing her above all else.

In one of his interviews, he emphasized that it’s not she who should be referred to as “George Clooney’s wife,” but rather, it’s him who is addressed as “Amal Clooney’s husband.” He consistently expresses that Amal is someone he would willingly trade his life for. George describes her as not only the perfect mother and wife but also a beautiful woman and his best partner in everything.

The only aspect George playfully critiques about Amal is her culinary expertise. He humorously acknowledges this, emphasizing his wife’s busy life.

During an interview, George lauded his wife as a brilliant lawyer, recognizing her as one of the world’s great advocates. Despite her prowess in handling complex cases and delivering winning speeches and strategies in court, George humorously admitted that he takes charge of the cooking, jesting that without his culinary skills, their entire family might not survive.

Just before that, Pierce Brosnan’s lovely wife was criticized by an online troll. However, events took an unexpected turn, and justice was served.

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