Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are Called Crazy. They Have Given Up the Privileges of Wealthy People and Live Like an Ordinary Family

9 months ago

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s family is different from most Hollywood stars who put their careers first. After becoming parents of two daughters, they completely reorganized their lives. The actress took a break from her career to devote herself to raising her little girls, and Gosling loudly declares that he is first and foremost a father, and then a movie star. And it’s a family we’re very inspired by.

Family is more important than work.

Eva Mendes with the birth of her daughters prioritized their upbringing, not her career. But her husband continued to star in movies. However, as Gosling says, for him the family is definitely more important than a career, and therefore to separate from his wife and children for a long time he is not ready.

The family together travels to the countries where Ryan is working. “I’m like a dad first, and part of the reason for doing the movie [The Gray Man] was this opportunity for us to go to these interesting places and be there with my kids. You know it’s funny, we went to France and we went everywhere — we went to the Louvre and all these things. And if I asked them now, ’What was your favorite part about France?’ They will say, ’The fruit plate at the hotel,’” he shared.

They teach their daughters modesty.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, a Hollywood couple, prioritize privacy in their relationship, setting them apart from other A-list couples. Their distinctive parenting approach centers on instilling a humble and grounded lifestyle in their children.

Coleman-Rayner/EAST NEWS

Quality family time holds significant value for this couple, as they engage in straightforward activities such as visiting the local farmers’ market or playing in the park with their kids. By prioritizing their family, Gosling and Mendes demonstrate the importance of love and togetherness in leading a happy and fulfilling life, serving as positive role models for their daughters.

They raise their kids without the help of nannies.

Eva Mendes deliberately chose to prioritize her family over her acting career. While she never stopped acting, she opted to slow down and focus on being present for her children. But, she clarified, “I never quit acting. I wanted to be home with my babies, and fortunately, my other business ventures allowed me to do that more than acting would.”

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are committed to being fully present in their children’s lives. They actively manage their schedules and have chosen not to hire a nanny. As a source remarks, “They’re hands-on parents and don’t have any nannies.”

East News, East News

Eva Mendes believes in passing on the same values to her children that her parents instilled in her. For this reason, she treasures every moment spent with her kids, recognizing the impact that her mother’s presence had on her during her formative years. “My mom was able to be there for me at home until I was about 8 or 9, and those memories for me just formed who I was.”

Ryan Gosling recognizes the immense sacrifices that his partner has made to create a warm and loving family environment for their children. Without Mendes’ unwavering support, he wouldn’t have had the freedom to focus on his acting career.

He acknowledges the challenging juggling act that Mendes manages, raising their children while supporting her brother in his battle with cancer, saying, “While I was singing and dancing and playing piano (in La La Land), my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second, and trying to help her brother with his battle with cancer. If she hadn’t taken all that experience, someone else would be up here.”

The couple is firm on homeschooling their kids.

The Gosling family has decided to homeschool their children to ensure they can spend as much time as possible together. Eva Mendes has spoken about their commitment to keeping the family unit strong, saying, “I have a strong belief that you should try to always keep a family together, no matter what you’re doing, especially when the children are small.”

While Mendes does not personally handle the homeschooling, she fully supports the decision and recognizes that it’s not one of her strengths. The couple’s dedication to their children’s education reflects their commitment to being fully present and involved in their lives.

They are fortunate to have someone who travels with them and can continue their children’s education while on the road. Eva Mendes shared, “We’re lucky enough to have someone we travel with that can continue their education at this point, and what we do is we try to incorporate the city we’re in as much as possible.” During their recent extended stay in Australia, she noted that her children even picked up an “Aussie twang.”

Homeschooling provides a unique opportunity for parents and children to bond and create special memories while ensuring that education remains a top priority. For Ryan and Eva, homeschooling allows them to avoid the guilt of leaving their children behind during work-related travel.

As Eva reflected on the passing of time, she expressed her desire to cherish every moment with her children. “Time, in general, is something I think about a lot now. My kids are growing up so fast I need to keep an eye on the clock in a way I never used to,” she confessed.

The simple joys of parenthood.

The couple do their best to give their children a normal childhood, without red carpets and paparazzi attention. Eva Mendes enjoys being an ordinary mom. She cooks and packs her kids’ lunches for school. On her Instagram she shares her daily routine as a mom: “My deal that I make with them is that if they eat their veggies they can have something a little bit more exciting.”

Ryan agrees with a similar method of parenting. He, too, spends his free time doing chores around the house. For example, it’s his job to prepare the meals. “It’s a team effort every day, so if they see him and I switching off doing certain things that again aren’t specific to stereotypical gender things, I think that just creates balance and harmony,” Mendes added.

Perhaps this celebrity couple is so sensible in their approach to parenting because they became parents quite late in life. This theory makes sense when looking at Susan Sarandon and Cameron Diaz, who also became moms after 40 and found their true calling.

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