John Travolta Appeared on Red Carpet with His Daughter and Everyone Noticed Special Detail About Her

2 months ago

John Travolta graced the crimson pathway with his daughter, Ella Bleu, by his side, marking the 30th milestone of his legendary 1994 movie, Pulp Fiction. The spotlight swirled around the pair, and Ella captivated every observer with her undeniable presence.

© ella.bleu / Instagram, Chris Pizzello / Invision / East News

For the occasion, the 70-year-old actor donned a stylish ensemble consisting of a white dress shirt layered under a black polo shirt, all topped off with a sleek black coat.

Travolta showcased a full dark beard and a smooth bald head, rounding off his attire with dark blue jeans and sleek black boots.

Fati Sadou / ABACAPRESS.COM / Abaca / East News, Fati Sadou / ABACAPRESS.COM / Abaca / East News

On the other hand, his daughter Ella Bleu, 24, stole the spotlight in a captivating floral print dress, accentuated by delicate gold hoop earrings, and perfected her ensemble with elegant black Dior pumps.

Ella sparked a lively conversation with her outfit and how she looked, getting people to admire her. Some people even noted how does she look alike her mother: “Wow, she’s beautiful, first time I’ve seen her resemble her mother!”

Others mentioned her natural look: “She’s truly natural and beautiful. So refreshing to see someone who isn’t a plastic clone. I hope her natural look becomes a trend.”

While some remarked about John’s behavior: “He absolutely adores his children, what a man.”

Father-daughter relationships are truly special. Some men set a great example by being amazing dads, showing how important these bonds are.

Preview photo credit ella.bleu / Instagram, Fati Sadou / ABACAPRESS.COM / Abaca / East News


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