Man Sacrifices Everything to Tenderly Care for Wife, Who Suddenly Finds Herself in a Vegetative State

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When people tie the knot, they vow to stand by each other through thick and thin. Amidst the joy of their wedding day, thoughts of illness rarely intrude, yet some couples find themselves confronted by life’s trials. Bruna and her husband David have been navigating such challenges for years, earning the admiration of those in their circle.

The story of this couple captured the internet’s attention, resonating deeply with people worldwide. David diligently tends to his wife, who has been in a vegetative state for years. Despite both being under 30 when tragedy struck, David’s unwavering optimism shines through as he selflessly devotes himself to the woman he loves dearly.

His commitment has led to personal sacrifices, including the loss of his job due to frequent absences, leaving him financially strained to support Bruna’s recovery. To alleviate their financial burden, he’s turned to Instagram, sharing their story in hopes of receiving donations.

In 2019, David César and Bruna de Sousa were enjoying a typical day, watching TV together when suddenly, Bruna began experiencing convulsions due to cardiorespiratory arrest. Recalling the harrowing event in an interview, David shared, “In a matter of three minutes, she lost all vital signs. We rushed to the hospital, and after 25 minutes, they managed to resuscitate her, but she had been without oxygen for a long time.”

According to David’s recollection, Bruna suffered from a condition that didn’t impair the basic functions of her nervous system but rendered her unable to perceive her surroundings. Essentially, his wife was left with lasting effects, confined to a vegetative state.

For nearly two years, Bruna remained hospitalized following the incident. Since June 2019, David has dedicated himself entirely to her care within their own home. However, without employment, he struggled to fulfill all of his partner’s needs. Despite being at home, Bruna requires the assistance of specialists, medications, proper nutrition, and various other essentials.

David found that his earnings as a driver were insufficient to cover his wife’s extensive needs. Consequently, he found himself compelled to initiate fundraising efforts.

Despite the generosity of many kind-hearted individuals, the expenses related to Bruna’s care continued to mount. David candidly acknowledged the situation, stating, “We haven’t managed to get her retirement yet. But two volunteer lawyers are helping us. We are living on donations.”

Amidst numerous trials, a glimmer of hope emerged for David and Bruna. Neurologists provided David with information about a treatment available in Canada, offering a potential avenue for Bruna’s recovery. This treatment entailed a three-year course of medication coupled with physiotherapy. However, the hefty price tag of approximately $20,000 necessitated the couple to once again turn to fundraising efforts through donations.

Driven by determination, David embarked on a fundraising campaign, successfully collecting $28,000. Despite this achievement, the ongoing high monthly costs associated with Bruna’s care demand even more financial support. The couple remains hopeful that these funds will contribute significantly to improving Bruna’s condition.

Over five years have elapsed since the pivotal moment that altered the course of Bruna and David’s lives. Through his Instagram profile, David shares poignant memories of their relationship, offering glimpses into their journey together. Additionally, he dutifully keeps his followers updated on the ongoing progress of his beloved wife, Bruna.

This narrative serves as an inspiration to people worldwide. Countless users express their solidarity with the couple, offering well-wishes for Bruna’s recovery and sending David strength and patience. The unwavering dedication displayed by David is often hailed as a profound example of pure love. One commenter encapsulated the sentiment, stating, “I believe in this love, and this made me cry and motivated”.


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