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15 People Whose Self-Esteem Skyrocketed After Fixing Their Teeth

Humans are the only vertebrate creatures that have so many problems with their teeth, even though they are the hardest part of our bodies. And while fossil teeth can last forever, our teeth can’t seem to survive for our entire lifetime, since they are very fragile. That’s why so many people are forced to go to an orthodontist and fix whatever abnormality they are suffering from.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to remind you that everything can be fixed if you don’t feel okay with yourself.

1. “Finally finished with Invisalign! A little over a year and a half.”

2. “2 years later. It was worth it.”

3. “So amazed with the progress of my teeth in just a span of 3 months!”

4. Day 1 and day 391

5. “I can finally smile.”

6. “Almost at the 1-year mark! Can’t believe the difference. I smile so much now, and time has flown by.”

7. 472 days later

8. “8 months of progress”

9. “7 months of Invisalign, tray 21/31”

10. After 1 year

11. “Totally worth all the pain, time, and money.”

12. “I love my new smile.”

13. 7 months apart

14. “Just got them off yesterday after 2 years, and I am feeling CONFIDENT in my smile for the first time!”

15. “Think I am finally done after 78 trays, two screws, elastics on both sides, whitening, and bonding on a few upper teeth.”

Did you ever need to have braces, and how long did you have them in order to fix your teeth?

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