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16 Girls Compared Their Everyday Makeup With That of a Professional, and It’s Hard to Tell Which One Is Better

One of the moments that excites people the most is having an appointment with a beauty specialist. Normally, you leave the salon with a self-esteem that’s sky high. Makeup artist Julia Ismailova, however, shows that there are some lucky people with great makeup skills themselves. Her idea is to show a photo of a girl with her usual makeup and another one after the same girl went to her.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we’ve compiled a series of images to compare the results of a few girls makeup when done by themselves versus when done by a pro.


“The first thing that caught my eye was her eyeliner: perfectly drawn, very solid, but very heavy and rough; she is incredibly beautiful and her skin is even, but underneath a good layer of a yellowish toned base. Well, here’s the result we got.”


“To be honest, there wasn’t much to correct here: both the foundation and lipstick were in their proper shades. However, the liner I had slightly gave the eyes the effect of ’droopy eyelids’, so a soft shading on the upper and lower lids elongated and lifted the outer corners of the eyes.”


“I always sense whether my clients’ make-up habits will change after getting a makeover with me or whether everything will remain as before for them. It’s especially nice when real inner changes occur after such inspiring meetings. And this is exactly what happened with Nastya.”


“To improve the appearance of the skin, first of all, I always do a full cosmetic treatment. That takes about 15 minutes, but gives an amazing result. Secondly, instead of applying a layer of tonal foundation, I prefer to use color correctors to create the effect of clean and even skin. Thanks to this, you can achieve a very subtle and natural tone to the max.”


“Perhaps the make-up I did does not reflect the inner state of the girl, and I do not usually ’bend’ people’s will. But in this case, I could not restrain myself and, imperatively, I wanted to make a woman vampire look like a heavenly fairy, soft and young.”


“The pencil liner in the ’before’ photo hardens the look and just creates the feeling of ’sad’ eyes. I made the eyebrows slightly lighter and added warmth to the face with the help of blush and coppery shadows.”


“Ksenia told me that she doesn’t like to paint her eyelashes and prefers lipsticks of darker shades and browns, and most importantly, she doesn’t trust highlighters for the face. She fears that her skin will look oily because of them. Personally, I was a bit bothered by the hairs between her eyebrows, which were a bit too much and gave her too much roughness.... But that was it, she’s beautiful like a girl on the cover of a fashion magazine! I proposed my ’version’ of her daily make-up and, judging by the number of selfies, the smile and the sparkle in her eyes, my project was a success!”


“Lena’s main request was to create a corporate image that would help her make the right impression at business meetings. ’They perceive me as a child,’ she complained.”


“My heroine is strong, tenacious, with an unshakable inner core. Such women often lock themselves into certain kinds of ’margins,’ for example, into some kind of colorimetry margin in makeup, and that seems unnecessary to me. I don’t understand why people divide themselves into ’warm’ or ’cool’ type of people. My task this time was to create a ’soft’ look. In my opinion, I was able to achieve it.”


“The phrase ’I struggle to find a red lipstick that suits me’ or ’Red doesn’t suit me’ has traditionally become a call to action for me by now. Of course, first of all, I corrected her eyebrows a bit. After that, the jigsaw puzzle ’put itself together.’”


“Polina is 19 years old. The main task of makeup for her is to hide her reddish cheeks, which are literally ’on fire’ because of emotions and retouching. But I considered it necessary to first highlight incredibly beautiful eyes and show the beauty of her beautiful, smooth and young skin. And I left the cheeks as they were, because they are tender and pretty!”


“Maria, 24 years old. When talking to her we discovered that at the moment she hardly ever wears make-up. And what you see in the ’before’ photo is more of an option for the evening and not for the daytime. But not so long ago, Maria was walking around every morning wearing makeup like that. My goal was to show my vision of daytime makeup for her.”


“Lena said that she is constantly ’struggling’ with her Asian appearance, trying to adapt it to European standards. She sees her skin with telangiectasias and enlarged pores, with uneven pigmentation, etc. But I never see any of that and I don’t disagree with any particular appearance. My task is to emphasize all the possible advantages that my protagonist has. And that’s what I did.”


“Lisa is 19 years old. She is stunning. When I received her application, I didn’t hesitate for a second to accept it! We talked for a long time about life, about what makeup means to her in general. I felt that I didn’t want to change her, I understood her message and I got to work.”


“This time, an amazing eye trauma surgeon named Uma turned to me for a transformation. Mostly, she was concerned about pigmentation and vitiligo, which appeared after her pregnancy. On the left is the makeup Uma gets every day, and on the right is my version with ’minimal’ makeup.”


“And this was the first metamorphosis with which, in fact, it all began.”

What type of makeup do you prefer? Do you think women feel more beautiful when we have our makeup done by a professional?

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