Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

10+ Animals Who Turned Out to Be Smarter Than Some People

When we bring a dog or a cat home, we don’t really think about how smart and sensitive these animals can be. Our fluffy little friends can save us from fires or a bad date. Because they love us with all their little hearts, and we also can’t live without them.

18 Animals You Will Be Thrilled to See They Come in Miniature Versions

Someone could say that there is a wide belief that smaller animals are cuter than bigger sizes. And maybe that is the case not only with animals, but other miniature things. Maybe it’s because we can take them in our arms and cuddle them without them running away from us. Also, there is probably no fear when you come in contact with a smaller animal.

16 Animals That Will Leave You Speechless With Their Sleeping Patterns

All living beings need sleep in order to refill their energy levels so they can be productive when they are up. Studies of different animals and their sleep patterns have shown that the bigger an animal is, the less it sleeps. That’s because they need more food to operate and this means that they will need more time to find their food. With domestic animals, they know their feeding schedule, so they don’t have to worry about finding their food.

15 Elastic Cats Who Prove No Space Is Small Enough for Them

According to statistics, around 600 million cats exist worldwide, meaning millions of households choose them as pets. Maybe it’s because they are small and independent and they don’t need too much of people’s time. And one characteristic many of them shares is that they like to fit themselves in the tiniest spaces they can find.

15+ Animals That Sleep With Their Eyes Open, and We’d Like to Have This Convenient Feature Too

In order to fall asleep, we close our eyes since our brain loses touch with our surroundings. It’s hard to imagine how one would sleep with their eyes open or maybe open an eye while sleeping. But for some creatures, it’s perfectly normal to sleep with their eyes open since they have developed a special ability. They are able to keep one part of their brains awake and open to outside action and keep the other part asleep.Also, many creatures, including plants, have learned how to be able to stay asleep while their eyes are open, no matter how bright it is outside. And while humans aren’t able to sleep with their eyes in the open position, there are studies that show how one hemisphere of their brain can stay alert while the other is asleep. So, maybe we are not that different from animals, but we just haven’t learned how to fall asleep with our eyes open.

20+ Differences Between a Jaguar, a Leopard, and a Cheetah

If you don’t know how to tell a cheetah from a leopard, or a leopard from a jaguar, you are not alone. These large spotted cats are often confused with each other, but the truth is that there are more differences between them, than similarities. Due to their unique and colorful appearance, jaguars, leopards and the cheetah are some of the most loved and popular animals worldwide. Shows like Tiger King are only clear proof that wild cats, including leopards and jaguars, are very much sought after.Cheetah, leopard, and jaguar are three types of large cats that belong to the family Felidae. They are superficially similar but there are some major differences in behavior and physicality. The only reason these three creatures are being compared to one another is probably due to their size, since they are much smaller than lions to be compared to them. This article will help you understand the difference between a cheetah, a jaguar and a leopard in the most simple way.

16 Animals Who Stepped on the Line Between Sweet and Goofy

If you are a pet owner, you must have noticed at least once that your animal friend behaved in a very human-like way. Maybe they were sitting with their front legs crossed or they sat on a chair the same way us humans do. In most of these cases, it’s our favorite pet mimicking our behavior in a way to get closer to us and maybe understand us. Animals like orcas, dolphins, apes, elephants and house cats have been scientifically proven to imitate our manneurisms.

13 Tricky Pics That Prove Animals Are Masters of Camouflage

Finding hidden elements in pictures could be a complex exercise that may help you sharpen your visual skills. Also, its effect on your brain could be profoundly beneficial. However, within this same challenge, there are different levels of complexity, and there are animals that know very well how to hide so that not even Sherlock himself would see them.

15+ Sweet Puppies and Kittens Who’ve Become Beautiful Beasts Quite Quickly

When we take a puppy or a kitten home, we don’t always know what they will look like in adulthood, but it’s really nice to look at the photos we’ve taken of them throughout the years and see the difference.

17 Pregnant Animals That Prove They Aren’t That Different from Humans

Just like humans, animals bring their newborn to this planet by carrying them in their bodies for some time. They too feel tired, sleepy and eat more during that time, but some animals remain pregnant for way longer than humans. For example, the African elephant gives birth after 645 days, while a mouse needs only 19 days to give birth. That’s why some creatures have large populations while others keep seeing their numbers going down.

22 Animals That Stand Out From the Crowd Due to Their Exotic Features

Nature offers us millions of colors, textures, and shapes every day. Adventurous people even have the pleasure of appreciating animals, insects, and other creations of Mother Earth that nobody else sees. But to calm your FOMO, we made a compilation of those beautiful creatures.

18 Pets That Have Mastered the Art of Camouflage to Perfection

Animals can be very clever at hiding. Some do it for survival, others just for fun. Or so it seems when cats, dogs, and even domestic birds try to go unnoticed in the strangest hiding places, such as a fruit bowl or their human’s sweater.

20 of the Sweetest Expectant Animal Moms and How Their Pregnancies Compare With Each Other

Humans and other mammals give birth in the same way. But pregnancies can go in totally different directions. While humans are pregnant for around 280 days, opossums — just 12, and elephants — around 665 days!

16 Photos That Radiate a Whole Wave of Warmth

It’s nice to occasionally look at photos with cute animals in order to increase your attentiveness, productivity, and mood. These sweet creatures get into slippers, make funny eyes to get long-awaited food, take baths, and even celebrate their birthdays.

18 Goofy Animals That Have Absolutely No Plans to Grow Up

Just like humans, many animals like to play, including dogs, cats, ravens, and even herring gulls. And it’s important for them to know how to play, since this behavior helps them be more psychologically flexible. Not only that, but knowing how to play and interract with other beings prepares them for future aggressive encounters.

15+ Animals Who Couldn’t Care Less About Following the Rules

Just like us, our pets have personalities. Researchers say that dogs, for example, have three basic temperament groups: assertive/aggressive, neutral, and passive. These don’t depend on the breeds, size, etc. Of course, each dog can still behave differently depending on the situation, sometimes showing its daring side.

19 Pets That Forgot They’re Huge

Many parents’ “puppies” or “kittens” seemingly never grow up before their eyes. It is difficult to accept that our puppy is no longer a puppy and that we have a big boy in its place. The only solution is to ignore reality and pretend they are still babies.

20 Photos of Pets That Can Outshine Any Horror Movie

Making their owners gush is an ability every pet has from birth. But everything has a reverse side and, in some cases, a fluffy cute animal can look like a character from a horror movie in photos. The good thing is that instead of starting to panic, pet owners can grab their cameras and please the Internet with funny photos.

22 Animals That Were Blessed With Unique Features

Just when we thought our pets couldn’t get any sweeter, Mother Nature surprises us by bestowing “extra” gifts on some animals. These chosen ones may look a bit different from the rest of their kind, but their odd features only helped them stand out in a good way.

20 Dogs Who Love to Rock Their Upside Down Face

Breed doesn’t influence dogs’ personality traits as much as it was previously thought, claims recent research. This means that a Pitbull can be just as goofy as a Golden Retriever, for example, and that includes enjoying time upside down. In fact, Reddit is filled with photographic evidence of doggos of all sorts giving us their ultimate silly face.