19 Cats Who Literally Show Everyone Who Is Weirdo in the House

6 months ago

Our love for our cats is like a magic shield against getting mad at them for too long. No matter what they do, like knocking things over or tearing up stuff, their cuteness and funny habits make it hard for us to stay angry. But sometimes all the inhabitants of the house can become absolutely stunned by a cat’s behaviour.

“This is Gar. Gar likes to aggressively watch me pee.”

“I bought a new bed for my dog.”

“Caught in the act of attacking a roll of toilet paper.”

“I tried to make my own paper. Failed successfully.”

“Heard meowing from my closet in the middle of the night.”

How will I use a mouse now?

“Really? I walked out of the room for 1 minute.”

“Guess why our trash can is now in the bathroom?”

“Clean towels? Don’t mind if I do?”

“But what if I just... tip this over?”

“Cat on the hat. It stays until he moves too much to be a good perch.”

“He wanted to sit on the pizza box so he did, the other cat was irrelevant.”

“I stood out in the rain just to get this photo.”

“I eventually just gave up.”

“I came home to a shredded treat bag. It was on the top shelf of a cabinet. I caught him trying to find it again this morning.”

“Every single time I turn my back on something that’s cooking. I’m fairly certain he thinks his name is Get Down.”

“She thinks the new baby stuff is for her.”

“Let meow out.”

“Sponge’s first checkup. The vet couldn’t hear his heartbeat because he was purring too loudly.”

Cats, those fluffy enchanters with whiskers and purrs, are genuine mood boosters in our lives. When the world feels heavy, a simple gaze into their expressive eyes or the soothing rhythm of their purring can magically lighten our mood and make us happy.


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