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Now I've Seen Everything

16 Pictures That Can Throw You for a Loop

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a picture can raise a thousand questions too. Take for example these weird and confusing photos, which make us want to pinch the screen and “zoom in” to see what’s really going on.

Get ready to twist your brains and crack the mysteries behind these 16 images that we at Now I’ve Seen Everything have gathered for you.

1. “An enigmatic smile”

2. It looks like someone broke the cat...

3. He looks like he’s wearing pleats.

4. “A building that looks like a flat piece of paper”

5. “I thought he was a mascot on break.”

6. A very feathery tennis ball

7. “That’s not my leg!”

8. An aerial shot of a giant chair or a chair submerged in pond water?

9. “A sheep with no front legs”

10. “Floating above a manhole”

11. Tiny humans playing on top of tables

12. These wheels are not transparent.

  • “The rim is extremely clean and polished, and it’s angled, so it’s reflecting the grass below it.” — © JustForFun____ / Reddit

13. “8 hours worth of detailing a black car”

14. Someone found a “pole vault portal.”

15. Raw chicken or white frog?

16. “When your legs feel like rubber after a long day of walking”

Do you like using your imagination to see things from a different perspective? Do you have photos that can easily trick our minds? Share them in the comments section.

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