Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

18 Astonishing Sights That Made Us Think We’re in a Surreal Dream

Life would be so boring without a completely unexpected and unthinkable sight every now and then. Whether it’s eccentric people who dare to take a bold step with their look, or a happening that cannot be explained by logic or science. And what we truly love about these situations is the freedom they give us. Because they teach us that life is more than just a set of strict rules that need to be followed by force.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we appreciate the funky side of life. We will share with you some situations that will pleasantly spin your mind.

1. ’’He’s wearing ribs on his head.’’

2. Our school toilet

3. “Found my old phone in a drawer with a puffy battery.”

4. “Found it like this just when I wanted to go home after school.”

5. “I work at a dealership and this happened yesterday, right when I was leaving.”

6. “These damaged phones on display next to a rollercoaster.”

7. “These lane lines in my neighborhood”

8. “Asked mate how bad was the flooding in Gympie last week. He sent me this.”

9. “I don’t own a trampoline.”

10. “Built the wall, boss.”

11. An innovative way to brew tea.

12. “Can you spot what I bit into and chipped my tooth on?”

13. “Finished painting the railing, boss.”

14. Something doesn’t look right here.

15. Perfect placement for a door.

16. This looks like the perfect place to install handles.

17. “This circle that appeared in the evening sky”

18. Next-level sun protection

Have you ever seen something as weird and unexplained outside on the street that made you wonder why and how it happened?

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