Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

18 Tricky Objects That Needed The Internet to Discover What Their Use Is

There are many people out there who just love sharing their knowledge with other and offering their assistance. This habit is very positive, since it builds a learing culture and connects people to knowledge they didn’t have before. This is exactly what happens in online communities where people share their bizarre objects and others help them identify those.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is glad to have found the purpose of these 18 objects that could baffle anyone of you.

1. Found helping a friend move, both of us have no clue! It can open and close on a hinge.

Answer: Jar opener.

2. What is this stand found on a farm in Missouri, USA?

Answer: “It’s a drink holder.”

3. What is this small brass container on a stick (that opens)? It says Windsor Castle on it and it’s about palm-sized.

Answer: “It’s a miniature bed warmer.”

4. Found a nicely made wooden box with a small clock in the lid.

Answer: “It’s an old desk organization accessory. The smaller cubbies are sized for business cards and the larger for standard envelopes.”

5. What is this green piece of plastic? My nephew found it in the water at the beach in Northern Michigan. It was made in China.

Answer: “It’s a Banzai Diving Gem. A diving toy for kids.”

6. What is this little tray holder? It has a handle, it’s all made of metal, and the trays are in the shape of an “8” with 2 round holes each.

Answer: “They are bagel trays from a bread-making machine.”

7. Came across this cleaning today, its about 1″ tall maybe the same in diameter, made of plastic, has holes all throughout and looks like it has grooves to stick into something.

Answer: that’s half a chastity cage.

8. Can anyone identify what purpose this piece of furniture serves?

Answer: “It is a telephone stand. The handle is to move it around the room.”

9. What is this silver tweezy thing with triangle notches?

Answer: “For holding paper/documents together.”

10. What is this truck with 5 massive spheres on the bed, and why does it drive past my house every morning around 8 AM?

Answer: “They are StarLink ground station pods. They are ground uplinks for satellites, so when you connect through their satellites, your traffic passes through one of these and onto the internet.”

11. Is this a kitchen item?

Answer: “It’s a pen holder for your desk and was probably sold at a cheap goods shop in Japan.”

12. My friend found it in a thrift store. It’s a ring with 2 handles and 2 rails. Possible kitchen utensil.

Answer: “It is the bottom (cradle) for carrying a stoneware crock.”

13. What is this metal rod with alligator clips at each end? I found it in my garage and just have no clue.

Answer: Part of a “third hand” tool for electronics, fly tying, soldering, etc.

14. What is this tiny saucepan thing my husband inherited? It has a removable thing with holes around the edges.

Answer: “It’s a single egg poacher. You put water in the bottom and an egg on top. It essentially poaches the egg.”

15. What is this ring my Uber driver would randomly click?

Answer: “It’s a digital counter used to keep track of prayers.”

16. The previous owner of the house left it in the garage. It’s a curved wooden slatted thing that pivots in the middle.

Answer: “You’ll see 2 slots in the steel bar on the bottom — a length of wire goes in there to hold it open at the right width, then a glass panel rests on the top to form the tabletop.”

17. This building was found in a country estate in Scotland. It’s about the size of a large shed and has small slits and platforms on the outside.

Answer: “It’s a ’Slovenian beehouse.’ It allows for multiple complete hives where the bees live, which I suppose is less like a hotel and more like condominiums.”

18. I work in recycling, and have found multiple objects like this. It is made of some kind of silicone, it has a (weak) magnet in it.

Which object troubled you the most and you couldn’t have thought its original purpose no matter how long you took to think about it?

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