Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

How to Not Look Like a Foreigner in Japan

Japan is known for its unique culture, customs, and traditions. While many people vacation there to experience its beauty and uniqueness, it is not uncommon for foreigners to stand out in a crowd. From the way they dress to their body language and mannerisms, there are several things that help the locals spot an outsider in the blink of an eye. In this article, we’ll discuss 13 of them.

13 Unexpected Things That Germans Usually Save On

You can find German tourists in any country of the world. Even though utility costs and food prices are rather high in Germany, the residents of this country know how to plan their budget, which allows them to buy expensive German cars and travel around the world. We decided to find out how they manage to save money without sacrificing their quality of life.

20+ Details of Everyday Life in Romania That Can Catch Tourists Off Guard

Many people associate Romania with dark and mysterious Transylvania, the native land of vampires and ancient castles. But thanks to this, millions of tourists from all over the world visit this Eastern European country to experience mysticism, old traditions, and a special atmosphere. Modern Romania, however, is home to many other interesting and fascinating things. Do you know, for example, that the name “Romania” comes from the Latin word “Romanus,” which means “citizen of the Roman Empire?” Or that Bucharest is also called “Little Paris?” Let’s find out together what Romania is famous for.

19 Surprising Facts About Dubai Where Old Traditions Merge With Ultramodern Technology

Dubai is the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates, and it’s also a major commercial and financial center. Many people associate this city with ultramodern skyscrapers and luxurious cars. And it seems that almost every resident there is either a sheikh or at least a millionaire. So we decided to find out whether our ideas about Dubai match reality, and some of these facts really surprised us.

13 Things You Can Only Find in Certain Countries and Never See Anywhere Else

Traveling can broaden our minds even more than encyclopedias and lectures about science. During trips, we can see the way other people live, eat, work, and rest. And it’s way more informative and impressive than reading tourist brochures. We decided to find out what things about other countries amazed people online.

20+ People Went on Vacation and Realized Bad Luck Was Included in the Package

Setting up a timetable and trying to satisfy all of your chores might be difficult when planning a vacation. When we go on a trip, we bring with us a lot of expectations, which might occasionally be completely dashed. We’ve all had this feeling when we meticulously arrange a vacation, but something goes wrong and everything appears to be ruined. Thus, a vacation may turn out well, but other times, it may only leave us with regrettable memories.

18 Unique Things You Might Only Be Able to See in Japan and Korea

Japan and Korea have a lot in common. Both countries are very organized and people are offered amenities we don’t see very often. Citizens are also very respectful of their surroundings and they will rarely be rude to anyone around them. If you visit any of the two countries, you will stumble upon foods and other things that might seem extra unusual to you.

20+ Things About South Korea That Tourists Just Don’t Understand

South Korea is famous for its unique beauty products, teenage series, and high-quality devices. It seems that people there don’t want to be anything like people from other counties. They eat, dress, and sleep differently from the rest of the world.

17 Things You Should Know About Austria If You Plan to Visit It Soon

Austrians are known as people who enjoy art, sports, good coffee and are fans of a healthy lifestyle. Also, they are hard workers who try to create a very warm home that they will be proud to open to guests. And of course, they are pretty famous for their amazing desserts that any tourist should give a taste. But, there are also other customs and traditions that might look unusual to someone visiting from a different part of the world.

15 Money-Saving Methods From Different Countries That Might Seem Confusing at First but Turn Out to Be Pretty Cool

No matter how much you earn, it’s important to be able to use the money wisely. Many people save money by buying things on sale and collecting coupons. We found out how people in other countries save money and whether or not we can use their methods.

18 Curious Facts That Make Japan Completely Unique

Japan is one of those countries that never ceases to amaze everyone who travels there. No wonder there are so many people interested in its history, culture, and traditions. It seems like the Land of the Rising Sun has an infinite number of curiosities that are waiting to be discovered. In this article, we’re going to cover 18 of those.

20 People Who Were Amazed by Their Discoveries in Foreign Countries

Visiting a country that is very far away from you can often be shocking, since you see and experience things that you’ve never seen before. However, it is a good thing to see a different way of life, something that broadens your horizons and teaches you new ways of living. You also have the opportunity to learn a few words in other languages or practice the skills that you already have. At the end of the day, learning to adapt is a skill that not all people have and yet it is vital to have in our lives.

20+ Things About Life in Germany You Would Be Intrigued to Find Out About

Germany is known to be one of the best economies in the world and it offers good incomes for those who live and work there. The education system is also extremely good, with most universities being completely free to attend. Their crime rate is quite low, which means that you won’t have to worry a lot about having your wallet stolen in the streets. There are also many other small details that most people outside the country have no idea about.

10 Etiquette Rules You Should Know About When You Visit Other Countries

Most people have travelled or will travel outside of their country at least once in their lifetime. And while most nations welcome tourists, since tourism brings them a lot of money, it is important to follow their etiquette. It is one way to bridge the gap and get closer to people who are very different from you. It is also very important to know the etiquette rules of other countries in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

20+ Photos From Japan That Make Us Doubt This Country Is Even On the Same Planet As Us

Japan is inhabited by more than 125.5 million people, with an average life expectancy of over 84 years. Maybe, it’s all about the seafood diet and unique climate. Or, maybe, it’s how they perceive the world. The Japanese are incredibly creative, and they do everything they can do to make their ordinary lives more colorful.

17 Peculiarities of Life in Sweden and Sweden’s People

Thanks to the books of Astrid Lindgren, we are somewhat familiar with Swedish customs and traditions since childhood. But, in fact, living in Sweden is much more different from what we imagine. It’s not only the motherland of Abba and other successful music artists, such as Avicii and Lykke Li, but also a country that is already living in the future. So, maybe the first visit to Sweden can come as a big surprise for many of us who might be used to different things.First, Sweden has breathtaking green areas over 90,000 lakes and 3,000 kilometres of sea coastline, which sounds like a perfect place to live. The Swedish metro and its art is famous around the globe and life in general can be very easy to navigate through. And even if you are not interested in all those things, you can just visit the country just to taste the traditional Swedish coffee and foods. Dig deeper into the Swedish culture and find out what things the residents of Sweden like to do and what their living conditions look like.

18 Animals That Prove Nature Is Not Just Wise, but Also Very Original

While the internet makes us believe that we have seen everything there is in this world, nature always manages to show us that it is constantly changing and that there are life forms that can still leave us with our mouths open.

20+ Photos That Prove Iceland Is a Place “Out of This World”

If you love the outdoors and are not afraid of low temperatures, visiting Iceland could be on your bucket list. And no wonder, the surprises in its nature, its active volcanoes, and places that seem out of this world attract many tourists from all corners of the planet. The coolest thing is that the only requirements to venture into this breathtaking country are to keep warm and have a device at hand to capture its most incredible scenery.