10 Royal Things We Were Surprised to Find Out About

2 years ago

The British Royal Family is the most famous in the world amongst all royals and they control every little detail that is thrown at the public. It’s hard to know things that go on behind their closed doors unless someone decides to tell us or leak something. However, there are certain pieces of information that every royal have told the world but not everyone is aware of.

Now I’ve Seen Everything searched and found 10 very interesting facts about royals that maybe not everyone knows.

1. Meghan Markle’s wedding bouquet

Meghan’s wedding bouquet was small but heavy with significance. It was comprised of different flowers, like scented sweet peas, lily of the valley, and jasmine, and included several flowers that Prince Harry picked for his fiancé in the garden at Kensington Palace. The bouquet also paid a subtle tribute to Princess Diana with a few forget-me-nots, which were her favorite flowers.

2. Queen Elizabeth’s II wedding dress wasn’t white.

Queen Elizabeth II moved away from the traditional white color, opting for an ivory, silk dress. It was decorated with crystals and 10,000 small pearls. It was also embroidered with stars, symbolizing rebirth and growth after the war. At that time, the country was subject to rationing, so to pay for the garment, the queen used clothing coupons.

3. Lady Di wore this dress to free herself

In June 1994, Princess Diana appeared at an event wearing a dress that broke royal etiquette. The skirt ended above the knee and her shoulders could be seen. That same day, Prince Charles gave an interview where he made public the fact that he had had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. But Princess Diana’s spectacular dress drew all the attention and made it to most covers of magazines around the world.

4. Princess Beatrice’s of York wedding dress

In 2020, the wedding of Princess Beatrice of York took place. For the big event, she wore a delicate gown borrowed from her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. This had diamond embellishments and was refashioned for the bride. The diamond tiara also belonged to the monarch, being the same one she wore on her wedding day. There is no doubt that Beatrice knew how to pay tribute to her grandmother.

5. Princess Diana’s wedding tiara

The tiara that crowned Princess Diana’s head during the wedding ceremony was not a gift from the royal family, but it was actually her own family heirloom. The diamond tiara belonged to the Spencer family for almost a century, and it was made out of several pieces of jewelry that got into the hands of Diana’s family in different periods of history.

After the wedding ceremony, Diana wore the Spencer tiara on several occasions, and after her death in 1997, the tiara was returned to Diana’s family where it remains to this day. In 2018, Diana’s niece, Celia McCorquodale, wore the Spencer tiara to her wedding ceremony.

6. Princess Eugenie’s of York wedding dress

Princess Eugenie wore a dress with a neckline that folded around her shoulders and had a long train. At her request, the back was low to show off the scar from a surgery she underwent as a child. As she told it, she had always wanted a dress that showed the mark, as it tells a story about her past and her future. The outfit cost a minimum of $135,000.

7. The Queen uses her purse to put an end to conversations she doesn’t want to have.

The queen is always meeting new people from all walks of life. But how does she end a conversation when she’s tired, without offending anyone? She just has to use her bag. It’s actually a very efficient way of sending a message without anybody noticing. She uses it to ask her assistants to approach her with some excuse.

  • If she’s sitting at the table and the bag is just there on the floor, it means she wants the meal to end immediately.
  • If she places it on the table, it means she wants everything to be finished within 5 minutes.
  • If she is standing and passes the bag from her left arm to her right, she wants someone to come over to interrupt her and push away the person who’s talking to her.

8. Kate, Meghan, and the Queen wore the same color to denote that they all get along just fine.

In 2020, the world was shaken when Harry and Meghan announced that they would step down from their role as senior members of the British Royal Family. Then, something unusual happened. First, Meghan Markle was seen wearing brown. Then, the Queen, who we previously said was reluctant to wearing clothes with conventional shades such as beige or pastel, wore a camel coat and a matching hat. And finally, Kate Middleton did the same. Some people have suggested that this was a way to show the world their support for the young couple after such a tough decision.

9. Why Little George always wears shorts

Whenever little Prince George appears in public, he always wears shorts. In many societies, long pants are exclusively worn by adults. Wearing trousers, for a little boy, is considered to be very middle-class and very suburban. Let’s keep in mind that little George will one day be the king of England. But just in case you forget, his outfit is a reminder of his role in society.

10. Princess Diana’s “cleavage bags”

Princess Diana’s little clutch bags were there not only to hold her lipstick, but they served a much more important purpose. Diana used these bags to cover her cleavage when she was stepping out of cars. As one of the most photographed women in the world, she knew what poses were unwanted from a royal family member. That’s why she’d always carry a little purse when she was wearing low-cut dresses and gracefully shielded her cleavage with them. How smart and charming is that little fashion trick?

Did you know any of the info above or were you surprised to find out some of these small “secrets”?

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