15 Empowering Stories That Are an Extra Source of Motivation

2 years ago

Some people are the personification of strength. They’re able to overcome every obstacle that comes their way, no matter how tough. Through tons of hard work and willpower, they reached their goals, and a few even transformed physically in life-altering ways. Fortunately, they shared their inspiring stories online.

Now I’ve Seen Everything selected a few moving tales that can drive you to keep chasing your dreams and what’s best for you.

1. “Gained weight after being paralyzed. I fought hard and now I’m feeling like myself again.”

2. “My brother wrote a book so his daughter with a limb difference could see someone like her as the hero of a story.”

3. “I always felt like the black sheep in my family. Finally, I found my biologial dad. Now I have a family that accepts me.”

4. “I’ve always wanted to train a jiu-jitsu class in Brazil. Today my dream came true! I’m the sunburned tomato in the middle.”

5. “A small win for me against the stress of the past year.”

6. “9 months of chemo, a mastectomy, and radiation therapy — I’m finally in remission! Those are tears of happiness and relief!”

7. “From 251 lbs to 174 lbs, the journey goes on.”

8. “4 years ago, I was depressed and suffered from anorexia. Everyone made fun of me. One day, I decided to change.”

9. “After years of working as a ghost writer, I’m finally a published author.”

10. “Got paid for the first time tonight to do the one thing I truly love; stand-up comedy. This is the happiest day of my life!”

11. “I was obsessed with Asian beauty standards, and today I stopped hating myself. I wore my first crop top ever.”

12. “I got dumped and started losing my hair. Music helped me survive. Just released my first single. I feel like I’m pursuing my dream!”

13. “My 57 year-old grandmother is graduating with a bachelors the same year I graduate high school.”

14. “I have so much more energy now and can do things I couldn’t do before. The biggest win is fitting in an airplane seat!”

15. “I finished my last chemotherapy infusion one year ago. Now I speak on behalf of the organization that helped save my life.”

Do you have your own motivational story? What would you like to change in your life?

Preview photo credit demonic-lust / Reddit


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