15+ People Who Aren’t Optimus Prime, but Still Transformed Themselves

2 years ago

Whether they reached their weight goal or beat cancer, some people fully revamped their looks. Often, they turn to social media to share their accomplishments and a few words of encouragement for others in similar situations. And that’s when we come in.

Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared a selection of truly mind-blowing physical transformations that scream self-love. Get ready to be inspired!

1. “3 months cancer-free and feeling amazing”

2. “The pic on the left is from my first passport when I was 18, and, on the right, it’s one of my first modeling shots.”

3. “27 to 37. Getting older isn’t so bad.”

4. “14 vs 36”

5. “I’m down 100 lbs.”

6. “I went from an overweight wedding guest to now planning a wedding of my own.”

7. “From awkward 6th-grader to a very happy and liberated 30-year-old”

8. “I haven’t been below 200 since junior high, and it still doesn’t feel real.”

9. “December 2017 vs today”

10. “125 lbs to 220 lbs. 10 years”

11. “14 to 20 years old. Freed my eyes and brows, lost the belly, got a tan.”

12. “Professional family photos, 5 years apart”

13. “Weight loss and hair gains!”

14. “What a journey it’s been!”

15. “After years of tooth pain and hiding my smile, I got dentures.”

16. “It’s been officially 2 years since I started caring about myself!”

17. “I lost 100 lbs and now I model full time.”

What’s your biggest personal achievement in life? Do you have before and after pics of yourself? Please, share them with us!

Preview photo credit waxeryboiliroo / Reddit


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