15 People Who Came Across a Golden Find

2 years ago

Sometimes, the universe pulls you out of your ordinary routine with a lucky encounter. Like having Henry Cavill, Superman himself, visit your lemonade stand, or being served a dish that strangely resembles Homer Simpson. These moments are rare, so when they happen, people make sure they record them for life. Fortunately for us, they also enjoy sharing them on social media!

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you pics of some truly special discoveries.

1. “When Henry Cavill stops by your lemonade stand:”

2. “I saw an albino buck near my daughter’s daycare.”

3. “This Walgreens is in an old bank.”

4. “I saw this guy playing a recorder while driving his Fiat on the highway.”

5. “Found this ’veiled lady’ mushroom on a hike this morning near Seoul, South Korea.”

6. ’’This amazing fungus I discovered while hiking in central Massachusetts’’

7. “My wife took a picture with a ska band around 2000. Today we realized the guitarist was Oscar Isaac [first on the left].”

8. “This albino peacock I saw in Malaysia”

9. “This happened unexpectedly to my dad’s friend while he was leaning into his car to get something.”

10. “These gigantic pumpkins were on the freeway.”

11. “This dish that I ordered that kinda looks like Homer Simpson”

12. ’’My littlest dude standing at the base of a sequoia in the Giant Forest’’

13. “I go walking, after midnight, out in the moonlight.”

14. “Just had a moment of serendipity on transit and wanted to share with you all.”

15. “I found out that Johnny Depp was in my in-laws’ wedding band in 1982.”

Have you ever come across a sight or situation so unbelievable that it made you think you were dreaming? Do you take photos when a rare occurrence happens in front of you?

Preview photo credit weirdvideoquestion / Reddit


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