15+ People Who’ve Changed Beyond Recognition in Just a Few Years

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Shedding a few pounds might not be a big deal for some people, whose weight is naturally fluid. However, for others, this can be a great achievement if it’s a result of prioritizing their health above everything else and adopting good habits. At the same time, transformations can go much further than that, and our today’s heroes proved that the most significant change they’ve gone through is becoming more confident in their skin.

1. “Age 25 to 28 — I’ve been told I’ve had a glow-up!”

2. “Thank God for braces, age 10 to 18!”

3. “11-year transformation and over 100 lbs of difference”

4. “16 to 22, a late bloomer”

5. “From 15 to 18 years old — I’m pretty happy with the improvement.”

6. “From 354 to 142. December 2016 to December 2021.”

7. “The main difference is the improvement in my mental health.”

8. “All it takes is a bit of fairy dust and confidence (13 to 23).”

9. “From unhealthy habits, sitting at 246 lbs, to 4 years sober and happily at 172 lbs.”

10. “17-22 — lots of work, but definitely worth it!”

11. “There are 6 years between these photos.”

12. “19-26”

13. “Pics are 4 years apart, weight loss is from being sober for 18 months and running 25-35 miles per week!”

14. “32 vs. 39 — I look different because I feel better about myself.”

15. “From 265 lbs to 185 lbs in 16 months. It ain’t much but it’s honest work.”

16. “Start taking care of your skin and hair loss TODAY! Take action ASAP before more permanent damage is done.”

Have you gone through any significant changes in the past 2 years? Were they emotional or physical (or both)? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comment section below!

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