15 Photos That Added Some Extra Spice to People’s Photo Stashes

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We all may have a precious photo in our albums that we take a special pride in. This may be something really hilarious, or a photo that can make us feel like someone’s cutting onions. This way or that, these shots definitely don’t leave us indifferent. The heroes of our today’s article shared their gems with us, and we can’t but feel the whole spectrum of emotions.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have managed to gather a portion of joy, happiness and a good laugh into 15 pictures, and we’d like you to enjoy them as much as we did.

1. “My wife might be a vampire. Left: junior prom; Right: almost 20 years later, wearing the exact same dress.”

2. “I got to go to a wedding for the first time tonight! I cried multiple times and danced for 3 hours.”

3. “My sister had a baby last week and she already looks pissed about having to deal with family on Thanksgiving.”

4. “6 months ago, our neighbor trapped our cat and released him 12 miles away. Today, we found him! Welcome home, Iggy!”

5. “I once accidentally tried to bake a pizza on a plastic cutting board.”

6. “My son and I found some ants on the porch. He ran into the house and came back wearing this to scare them away. Ant problem solved.”

7. “My son found my morph suit and it’s terrifying”

8. “My niece is a crazy-cat-lady-in-training.”

9. “I was wondering why my husband wasn’t cuddling me.”

10. “The happiest moment of my life”

11. “Little girl thought my wife was the Princess from her favorite book.”

12. “It’s been one year since I left my job to pursue art full-time. This photo is of the first mural I finished post-quitting.”

“I feel so much relief and joy in this photo.”

13. “Dear wife, hold my hand, not hold my head!”

14. “Took my son to his first-ever Monster Jam!! Awesome memories happened!!”

15. The day her son graduated

Do you have a picture that reminds you of a special moment? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit disconaldo / Reddit


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