15+ Times Sweden Left People in Awe of Its Ways

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Sweden has the biggest population among the Nordic countries and is also the largest in that region. And although it’s popularly known as IKEA’s place of origin, it holds countless tricks up its sleeve that most of us aren’t aware of. From its terrific urban design features to peculiar dishes, Sweden is a never-ending source of wonders.

Now I’ve Seen Everything did a bit of research about the country that ABBA calls home and brought you a few amusing and fascinating things about it.

“The toilet paper selection at a Swedish restaurant”

Swedish kebab-pizza

Diapers in Sweden have a father on the packaging.

“Stayed in a Boeing 747 converted into a hostel at Arlanda Airport, in Sweden.”

“In Sweden, we get a text message when our blood has helped a patient. This is my 3rd time donating.”

Sweden has baby stroller parking spots

Swedish planes are named after famous people.

Miriam Bryant is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

In Sweden restaurants don’t cut your pizza. They give you scissors and you do it yourself.

The art of parking in Stockholm

In Stockholm, there are cutouts in the barrier allowing children and adults to observe the construction site/river.

A record store for mice in Lund

Chessboards on the tables in parks

Trolleys in Sweden have a map of the supermarket.

These buses in Malmö, Sweden can go in both directions like a tram.

This Stockholm tree is one of the tallest Christmas trees in the world. It’s 35 meters tall.

“Saw this in a toilet in Sweden. What’s it for?”

It’s a special toilet to separate urine.

A cute traffic light in Stockholm

Sweden has road signs to warn drivers of distracted people on their phones.

Have you ever been to Sweden? What impressed you the most?

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