16 Pictures That Show How Life Evolves But Never Really Changes

2 years ago

Keeping someone’s memory alive isn’t only about people who aren’t with us anymore. It’s also about people who are still very much in our lives and gifting us with their love. And recreating older photos is one way to honor our memories with them and create new ones.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that it’s in people’s hands to keep some things unchanged and these pictures show how life moves on but stays the same.

1. Time with a pup goes by so fast.

2. “From the beginning, he’s always been giving me a helping hand. 23 years later, I’ve graduated from college and he’s still there for me when I need him.”

3. “Sister and I (and park), 20 years apart!”

4. “Me in my Snoopy sweater in 1981, my son in the same sweater in 2017, and my daughter in the same sweater in 2020.”

5. “Our birthdays are within 10 days of each other and these pictures are 14 years apart. 30 year olds now.”

6. A kiss from dad is precious no matter the age.

7. “35 years later”

8. “My father in law and my husband playing ColecoVision circa 1984, my husband and our daughter playing the same ColecoVision in 2018.”

9. “My dog cassie and me, 13 years apart”

10. Christmas day is always beautiful when you spend it with those you love.

11. “They grow up so fast.”

12. “Thank goodness Dad replaced those giant ’70s frames.”

13. “Holding my cousin on the same rooftop in Spain 21 years apart”

14. “On the ferry to Centre Island, 16 years apart”

15. “My cousins and I 24 years apart”

16. “Me and my brother around 10 years later”

Do you ever think about how important it is to keep some things the same no matter how much time goes by?

Preview photo credit KeNtLuN / reddit, Emojipedia.org


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