17 Photos That Prove Inheritance Isn’t Always in the Form of Property and Family Heirlooms

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When we hear the word “inherit,” we instantly imagine a suburban home with a collection of paintings. But for many people, inheritance can be in the form of ordinary things that they hold very dear. There are items that are more valuable than jewelry and paintings, especially if they hold the memories of important people.

1. “A pendant I inherited from my great-grandmother that looks like the key to solving a puzzle”

2. “I inherited my grandmother’s house, still a working telephone.”

3. “We inherited a cat... His name is Pumpkin, but we also call him Pig Cat.”

4. “I inherited a century-old cast iron waffle iron this Christmas. It still cooks amazing waffles.”

5. “I think I may have inherited Saul’s watch from Better Call Saul.”

6. “My uncle’s 56-year-old tortoise he inherited from my grandparents”

7. “My friend’s ring watch she inherited from her grandma!”

8. “Inherited this amazing chess set from my father. Just thought I’d share it.”

9. “When my grandfather passed away, I inherited this. Needs some work, but my grandpa had good taste.”

10. “I just inherited this moon globe from my late grandmother.”

11. “Inherited these chairs 20 years ago, washed them yesterday.”

12. “Today, we inherited my boyfriend’s grandfather’s vinyl collection.”

13. “My wife inherited this table from her grandpa. She thinks it’s called a skittles table...but can’t find out much about what it is or how to play.”

People in the comment section explained that it’s a bar billiard table. You score points by potting balls in the holes on the playing surface of the table rather than in pockets.

14. “I inherited this necklace when my mom passed away. I just found out it has a secret — this pointy mini arrow.”

It’s a perfume bottle, the arrow is for dabbing the perfume. © raineykatz / Reddit

15. “I recently inherited this gorgeous 8mm film projector from the ’50s.”

16. “Wanted to restore the pin cushion passed down from my grandma, and this is what I found.”

  • This looks exactly like my family’s pin cushion. I can confirm it has the same filling. © Mendel247 / Reddit

17. “My grandpa’s childhood boots from the 1930s”

Ordinary people shared these photos of the things they hold dear. Do you have something that reminds you of someone important to you? Tell us about this item or share a photo.

Preview photo credit Dumpster_Dame / Reddit


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