After We Read My Parents’ Will, I Revealed an Ugly Truth About My Siblings

4 weeks ago

Money can become a source of discord not only in marriage but also between close blood relatives. A woman wrote to us, sharing that she received a substantial inheritance, but it brought her nothing but disappointment.

This is a difficult situation, and there is no clear answer on what the right course of action is. We decided to find out what people think:

  • It was their money. They can leave it to whomever they want. The siblings should just be happy to get something. It’s money they didn’t work for, therefore be grateful for what you got. © Nilza Velez / Facebook
  • My dad left me a sole heir. I divided that money out. There is no amount of money worth creating hard feelings within your family© Tana Hensley / Facebook
  • Parents money, divided it as they saw fit, I am sure they had their reasons! Siblings that stay away and don’t help out but get in line for the inheritance says a lot! My brother got greedy when my dad passed, had to take him to court to get what was left to me, he somehow thought he deserved everything!!!!! He took way more than his share, caused a lot of hard feelings, family dismantled. © Marcia Fink / Facebook
  • I think it depends on whom is looking after the parents or lives close by to do the extra work. This means that if the care is not equally shared, then neither should be the inheritance. © Shana Prior / Facebook
  • Make it right with them, although you must have done a lot for them, share it equally. Just for peace with your sibling you need them after all only you guys left. © Mavis Elizabeth / Facebook

Here is another story about a woman who inherited her father’s fortune after his death. Along with that, she discovered that her husband married her only for that money.

Preview photo credit Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels


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