Man With Rare Disability Was Expected to Live Only 2 Years, and Now He Is A Happy Father of Three

5 months ago

Austin Jones, a man with a rare disability, got married and has children, but he’s been dealing with a lot of mean comments. Some people even say his wife is only with him for money. Despite the negativity, he’s staying strong with the support of those who truly care about him.

Meet our hero, Austin Jones.

Austin Jones, born in 1996, is a business owner dealing with a rare condition called spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress (SMARD). This disease gradually weakens the muscles, limiting their function. Despite facing numerous challenges, Austin takes pride in building a strong family, a successful business, and a loving marriage. Unfortunately, his relationship has faced criticism on social media.

Austin faced a health scare at the age of seven when he experienced respiratory failure. Thankfully, he pulled through, expressing gratitude to the supportive team around him. Since that day, he has relied on a ventilator and a wheelchair daily.

Despite some people thinking it’s tough for Austin to use a wheelchair and ventilator, he doesn’t view it as a problem. In his own words, “It’s given me a life and a perspective I could have never imagined.”

But not many folks seem to be happy for him.

Even though Austin faces unique challenges due to his abilities, he’s managed to explore 38 states and pursue his dreams alongside his loved ones. Throughout his travels, he aspires to have made a positive impact on people’s lives across the country.

Austin has learned the importance of not taking life for granted and strives to create lasting memories. Despite being born with a life expectancy of two years, he’s defied the odds and, at 27, lives with an adventurous spirit.

Grateful for his wife, daughter, and the adorable twins who have completed his family, Austin cherishes every moment.

However, it’s disheartening that only a few people share in his happiness. In August of this year, Austin’s brother shared videos of Austin’s wedding on TikTok, hoping to spread the joyous occasion with their followers. However, the post sparked a mix of reactions.

There were many doubters who questioned the authenticity of the relationship. Some wondered why Austin’s wife would marry someone with significant health challenges, while others speculated about her motives.

Critics suggested various reasons, from assuming she married him for his money to speculating about a supposed large disability check Austin received monthly. Some congratulated the couple but commented on perceived unhappiness in the videos. There were even inquiries about Muckala’s parents’ thoughts on the marriage, and one person openly wondered if they were the only ones questioning her choices.

But at the end, love always wins.

Facing criticism about his marriage, Austin took a stand by sharing screenshots of the negative comments on Facebook. He responded with a poignant message: “I didn’t know it was possible to be as miserable as the people in these comments.”

In response to the hurtful comments, Austin’s brother took to TikTok again to set the record straight about his brother and sister-in-law. He clarified that Muckala wasn’t with Austin for his money, emphasizing that they weren’t wealthy. Living in an 1800s farmhouse that cost less than a new car, the couple’s financial situation was far from extravagant.

Among all the negativity, there are a lot of people who show their warm feelings towards this family.

Austin and Muckala now embrace their roles as parents of three children, fearlessly sharing their family life with the world. Despite facing criticism, they remain unafraid to showcase the joy and challenges of parenting. Amidst the negativity, a heartening wave of support from many people reflects the warmth and positivity surrounding their family:

In the face of challenges, Austin and his wife find strength in the love they receive from those who appreciate and celebrate their journey as a family of five.

No matter how people look, they might face negativity on their path to love and happiness. Like this couple which gets married and plans to have a baby, but many people slam their relationship. Challenges can come in different forms, but everyone has the right to find their own joy, regardless of what others think.


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